a case for lace


it happened again. a minute surfing and suddenly it’s almost midnight.


i didn’t expect to be interested in the topic of lace when i got a call from a fashion mag to pull some of my favorite lace imagess. in fact, i don’t really even have any, i’m sort of anti-lace. it’s just something i never wear or incorporate into my decor.


growing up my mom dismissed lots of it as ‘cheap lace’. she showed me the difference between exquisite and chintzy and how to look for the details that made it special. differences between what was made by hand vs machine. i learned to appreciate the detail but really never wore it, even in lingerie.


so searching images i was surprised to find the fun and creative ways everyone’s using it  these days. and now that my eye is looking for it, suddenly it’s everywhere.


vogue predicts it as a fall trend for clothing and accessories, and i guess it’s true for the home too.

i can’t remember where the above came from but thought it was pretty cute. i always see yards of this stuff and never know what to do with it.

di overton uses it to give her ghost furniture a fresh twist.

i love the chair with just a hint.  guess it does make everything a little more soft and sexy. even a chair! maybe i should try it after all. i mean, it’s de rigeur for a french woman to show a smidge under a plain white shirt. and if a chair can pull it off…



mandy locke is making one of a kind vintage glove embellishments.


and this is a bright diy on how to use those doilies that are treasured but sort of useless.


i guess crochet is sort of a lace offshoot. obviously a huge difference between the two but the roots are there.


more diy stuff clever ideas


a lot’s been going on, i just didn’t  notice!


guess like a lacy web it’s all connected. and apparently it’s still inspiring unique uses!


who knew it could be so mod?

well, have a great night. i’m off to lala land! sweet dreams~

August 27, 2011. Embroidery, Lace.


  1. Lily replied:

    Gorgeous lacy photos !! I have a few lacy tops but not much for my home!



  2. Dash replied:

    Have just discovered you beautiful and inspiring blog, where have I been?


  3. Mom replied:

    You know I love it all, especially the fence!


  4. Karena replied:

    Claudia interesting because I have never been a big lace person either. Some of these images are a wonder. That antique tambour and neutral chair! Fabulous!

    Have a great weekend. Just read about your venture with Renee over at Joni’s!


    Art by Karena


  5. Rosalie Kelsey replied:

    I LOVE your post. What wonderful ideas. I have lace my Great Aunt made. It is such fine/tiny work. The women in my family were always crocheting something then and we still do now. It’s our link to those ancestors…it bonds us.


  6. pam robinson replied:

    lovely… that fence is amazing…. i love lace…it is such a lost art…
    have a nice weekend claudia… xx


  7. Joni Webb replied:

    hi! i loved meeting you! you were so different that i imagined. i always thought you would be this snooty NY Paris afficianado – and instead you were so sweet and nice!!! i was always so in awe of you- your book and your business. I never thought you would be so kind and sweet and warm. I felt like i had known you forever. Please keep in touch! hopefully we’ll see each more – i’ll come by and visit again next time i’m here. we may come next summer and stay a month. hopefully. cross fingers.
    ps. have a great time in Paris!!!!!


  8. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    I loved your last blog, glad to know Renee’s on track, the pieces so far look beautiful…….Getting together with the two of you would be hysterical……I also love the lace blog….. The Chair, and the fence are over the top.. I have lace in here from AP, you know it’s gorgeous. I am not a doillie girl I don’t even know how to spell it….Hope to hook up with you next month! Maryanne xo


  9. Jennelise replied:

    I love lace – you have found so many interesting photos that incorporate lace into decor and accessories. So beautiful!


  10. à la parisienne replied:

    Thanks for the shout-out.
    I appreciate lace, and at times, it can be the perfect romantic touch, but I agree with you, seeing cheap lace everywhere can give lace a bad name.
    Handmade, vintage delicate lace is my preference, and if I can dye it a beautiful dusty, feminine color…even better.



  11. jbeaudetstudio replied:

    I love lace! The shadow and the fence would be so amazing to have!


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