doing my homework

allo everybody,ca va c’est soir? the weekend flew by and there’s still a ton going on at 10pm. i’m trying to tie up a couple loose ends but it’s futile. still, a couple are better than none.

before anything else i wanted to post a review i’ve been promising of  ‘my dolce vita‘, the memoirs of jean govoni salvadore.

quel vie she had! she’s one of these people who’s seen it all, from the very bottom to the very top. and in an incredible age of horror and glamour. best of all it’s all it’s taken from diaries she’s kept since the age of 10.

it’s a great read (with pictures)! of a life well lived that spans over 8 decades. a fascinating true fairytale.

i’m giving away a publisher’s copy so if you’re interested i’ll draw a random winner tomorrow and send it out wednesday.

for the paris trip next month i’m  putting together a list of to do’s in september. i’d like to go where i’ve never been so the search is on and the list is already too full. i won’t list them tonite but maybe just one. i  discovered another of the fierce 1920’s designers, charlotte perriand (there must have been something in the water during that time…or not)!

there’s an exhibition of her photographs and furniture at the petit palais so i’m putting that on the short list.


besides she’s a woman after my own heart with her juxtaposition of  chunky wood furniture against something completely opposite.

like my stools! another case of nothing new under the sun. oh well, she sure is good company!

well i’m off. if you’re home and kicking back, check out my childhood friends and their in-laws on bravo’s, ‘thicker thank water: the marinos’ tonight!

have a great night!

August 22, 2011. Living.


  1. Amy replied:

    amazing book!! sounds fascinating. :) Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy :) Hope life is happy and healthy for you :)


  2. Nancy L.Tremblay replied:

    Saying: Allô tout le monde, ça va ce soir ?


  3. Wanda Ann replied:

    Would love to have the book! As much as looking at your site!! Hope you dont mind sending to Canada!! <3


  4. Michelle replied:

    Looks like a fascinating read, would love the opportunity to win a copy.
    Best to you!


  5. Cher replied:

    This book looks amazing, how great that you’re giving one away! Thanks!!!


  6. M-T replied:

    Do you think it was something in the water? I’ll bet it was in the wine. The nectar of the Gods always provides inspiration.

    Have a fabulous time in Paris next month, Claudia. I’m sooo jealous.


  7. Brandy replied:

    How intriguing! Love the REAL fairytale stories! Hope to win, and thank you ever so!


  8. Christina replied:

    I would LOVE to get a copy of this book! I t looks simply, DIVINE!! ;-)


  9. vendettabella replied:

    I’m addicted to biographies like these by strong fascinating women who were always in the middle of it, but the photos seal the deal! Would love to get my hands on a copy.


  10. chloe replied:

    aah thank you! the prospect of possibly of winning such a beautiful book excites me so.


  11. crazyjane07 replied:

    Please put me in the draw and I’ll sit here with my fingers crossed thank you , lovely book.


  12. Debbie Painter replied:

    I caught ‘thicker thank water: the marinos’ tonight! They remind me of my own Italian family!! This book looks like quite the interesting read!! Thanks for a chance to win!!


  13. Plamena Zahova replied:

    This sounds like a great book! Definitely going to read it! :)



  14. Kathi replied:

    This book looks amazing. Thanks for doing a giveaway with it. I’m sure it’s new owner will be very happy perusing the lovely pictures. I would love for that new owner to be me :-).


  15. dru replied:

    what a fascinating book.


  16. Denise replied:

    That looks like an amazing book! I would LOVE to win the copy! Thanks for the opportunity.


  17. Natascha Narvaez replied:

    I wouldn’t mind receiving that book. Hopefully you will send to Denmark!


  18. Karena replied:

    Claudia I would love to have this fabulous book, and am excited about yours!!


    Art by Karena


  19. Rosa replied:

    Looks like a great book! And what an interesting life…


  20. Snapsandsnippets replied:

    I’m just finishing up a book today – that one looks great!


  21. renee finberg replied:

    love love love the old images!
    too cool.
    and as far as my lucite problems…..YIPPEE.
    i love you


  22. merillion replied:

    Count me in, too! Sounds fascinating.
    Who is that woman in the very first pic (left) on the cover? She looks so familiar but I can’t remember who she is.



  23. Cyndy replied:

    I hope I’m not too late!! This woman knew how to live life. Hope I win!


  24. Corrina Tough replied:

    I would love a copy of this book, a budding photographer and as one who loves a great read! Sooooooo jealous your off to Paris, I still only dream of being there. As one with four children and living in Australia makes it a very expensive dream. I just keep saving and learning French (at this stage I’ll be a fluent speaker by the time I have the funds!) xx Corrina.


  25. Artsnark replied:

    looks like a wonderful book. Enjoy your trip


  26. Kitty replied:

    I’d love to win this copy, that pic of Bette Davis is amazing!


  27. Amy Eckenthal replied:

    Read about this book in NYTimes and am intrigued. Loved the photos you posted. Hope I win.


  28. Deborah Robinson (@KoloaDeb) replied:

    What a fantastic book and great give away. I would enjoy reading about this amazing woman. Thank you.


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