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hey guys hope you’re in the middle of a warm summer night. i just wanted to say a quick hi. sometimes it seems like there has to be a reason to blog, then suddenly there are too many reasons and that combo cancels out any blogging at all.

truth is so much is going on it’s almost surreal. but in blogland we can bliss out and just play with whatever crosses our paths.

most of us share a love for miniatures. my own dollhouse is at my parents and needs an extreme home makeover after being well loved by 6 grandchillins. (the boys as much as the girls)!

these are the creations of the incomprehensibly talented and patient susan harmon hatler. she makes scenes of whatever inspires her. (she  once did the cover of my book and some vignettes from it). we lost touch for years but yesterday reconnected when she sent these shots over. if you have a minute to play, check out her site and be awed by the meticulous detail of her work. or is it play?

i love what true passion looks like

not much is new on the home front as far as nouvelle decor except these mod pieces liz brought over. we found the set years ago and she ended up with them. together they make  a little vanity so they do double duty like the rest of the furniture so far.  they’re formica and i always wanted to copy them in other finishes.  they’re finally mine all mine! for now   :)

the set doesn’t go but i don’t care. it will!

what else from chez moi…curating the shelves

et details

and i got a a lamp inspired by billy baldwin who was noted saying all rooms should have some black. and  i can read in bed now.

oh and if you’re still into the door decor, i came across this keyhole  so of course had to try it.

don’t worry. it fell off! and  i’m moving on!

haha. ah and one last thing to my girl who asked what the heck to do with that switchplate? i had a mirrored one that fit just right. this little corner really proved to be a vortex that could go on forever!

this corner’s next but that’s another day…

so guys, i want to say thanks for stopping over. it’s honestly a real respite to get away and talk smack with you about nothing at all. especially with so much else going on in our worlds. love sharing the lighter side of life with you!

have a great nuit~

August 21, 2011. Decorating, Miami, Miniatures.


  1. Rosalie replied:

    I think I enjoy it more than you do…. ^.^)


  2. Wanda Ann replied:

    you make me smile inside! You know, like when you get butterflies in your stomach! that’s how I feel when I see your pictures … love the stool.. and those Shakesphere books to awesome~ Bonne Nuit~


  3. Splendid Sass replied:

    So much pretty here.
    Hope that you are having a great weekend, Claudia.


  4. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi teresa, it’s sunday morning and i feel like the weekend’s just starting with an entire day ahead of me!


  5. Plamena Zahova replied:

    These are gorgeous!!! A girl can dream.. <3

    Check out my giveaway :) http://fashion-thrill.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-first-giveaway.html




  6. The Dandelion Chronicles replied:

    I’m completely obsessed by those Shakespeare & LV miniature books. So adorable..
    And so lovely to see the progress of your decorating :) Very inspiring.


  7. Jonathan Cruz replied:

    Hey Claudia, I must I like the way your chair look in you living room i think it give it a more eclectic look by the way you’re awesome have a great day!


  8. renee finberg replied:

    i spy a lucite bench!!!
    i want it!!

    are we meeting mon??


  9. merillion replied:

    Love your idea of the mirrored switchplate. When you get a chance, can you show it in that corner?

    I like that top pic with the shelves filled with boxes. Love boxes, little ones and big ones!

    Your new black lamp looks great.

    Reminds me I need 2 nightstand lamps – had to give away the last ones I bought. I tried red lamps with red shades & red crystals. When I put in regular white bulbs, they showed through the shades, which I didn’t like. So I put in red bulbs. It’s taken me a long time to get other lamps. Still traumatized by that vision.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      i’ll take a pic of the corner tomorrow for you :)
      as for the bulbs, maybe pink bulbs would be better!


  10. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love the LV ‘s trunk and your home looks lovely


  11. The Paris Apartment replied:

    thank you so much ma cherie! can’t wait to see you, i may be down south soon!


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