the little things

hi all! grab a seat i now have more than just my handy and much loved wooden stools.  i finally got my chairs out of hock and home with me. i found these in paris over a year ago and have finally have them in my possession! they’ve been up and down the east coast but never got recovered till now. even though they were gnarly everyone loved the deep blue silk satin that was left from the original upholstery.


i asked the upholsterer to keep all the insides and even the nail heads. finally committed to a color combo and i love having them as house guests for as long as they stay!

they’re making my beach house seem really frenchy which i didn’t plan on doing. oh well french works anywhere, n’est pas?

i’ll leave you with just a couple shots of the apartment cause everyone’s coming back into town tonight and we’re having a rendezvous toute de suite! so i best jet but wanted to wish you a good night!

ps:  i haven’t done much else but add a knob to the door, but i have to remember that  little details make the whole!

ok gotta, go more soon!

August 11, 2011. Decorating, Furniture, Miami, Products.


  1. Wanda Ann replied:

    My favorite… The little things!! Like the sexy legs and arms on a Chair!! LOL

    The sparkle from a chandlier or the texture of a velvet Sofa…

    Simply Adore your site… makes me Very Happy!!


    • Cynthia replied:

      Those chairs are great. I love the stripe fabric on the inside with the solid on the outside.


      • The Paris Apartment replied:

        merci! i’m still happy with them the ‘next day’so that’s a really good thing!


  2. Lily replied:

    The chairs are so fabulous !! The place looks great and love the gold knobs !



  3. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Love those chairs and your choice of upholstery is devine! I am having so much fun watching your lovely abode come together. I have to remind myself, to enjoy the journey and not to yearn too much for the destination;-)


  4. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    The chairs are lovely and look great in your place. I love them mixed with the simpler items in your condo. The wood finish on the chairs is divine. Love em!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hey nitia, i’m getting into the contrast too. liz brought a couple of pieces over from her place to make room so there are a two more real chairs that are super simple now at the table.


  5. Jacqueline J. replied:

    Simply di-vine.


  6. Jill sangster replied:

    I am so enjoying watching your apartment come togther. The chairs with their new upholstery are over the moon; so rich and elegant playing off the stools in a wonderfully eclectic way that has me drooling. Being a collector of shells from way back also has me drawn to your vignettes.

    I was just there in the heat of April but you have me yearing to return.

    Keep up the great work.



    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      a girl after my own heart…every shell is from this beach and the collection is my favorite possession.


  7. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    HI Claudia!
    I love how those chairs turned out. And I know what you mean about “visiting”!
    I have four of my own pieces at my upholsters. Yes French goes anywhere! Great call to save the nailheads!!!!!!!Maryanne xo


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hey maryanne, i’m sure you’ll be psyched to have your four chairs back, even if only for a short time. guess everything is only ours for a minute anyway :)


  8. Rosa replied:

    Those chairs are fabulous! And I love the way you had them upholstered.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      thanks rosa. the day i dropped them off to be done i saw the exact combo in veranda. guess nothing is truly original and we’re all on the same wavelength somehow!


  9. Splendid Sass replied:

    Looking good, Claudia.
    The chairs are perfect! I would keep them.
    Have a nice evening.


  10. Dad replied:

    Just when I thought I had your tastes in furniture down pat, I see a pair of stools that told me how little I know! Now, those re-upholstered Paris chairs, I know they’re yours. Speaking of Paris, I think you’ll enjoy Heather’s tale of woe about her car on her “Secrets of Paris” blog:



    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      glad to keep you guessing, dad, that’s good to hear we can still be unpredictable even to our closest family members! i’ll check out heather, love her! you too!


  11. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love your chic beach house . Looks fantastic.Your wood footstools look divine


  12. à la parisienne replied:


    I love how you’ve juxstaposed a clean ocean-side décor with curvy, French furniture and light fixtures-definitely a unique approach and a perfect blend of you and your surroundings!
    I love the color of the fabric on your chairs, and I am still in love with your bleached wood floors!
    Bon week-end,


  13. Melissah from Coastal Style replied:

    What a beautiful transformation of those Louis Chairs


  14. full length mirror replied:

    Love how vintage you post are

    truly inspiring!!!

    will be writing about this site on my blog!!!


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