nothing to do

happy sunday guys, are you having a bon weekend?  over here for the first time in a long time, nothing is happening. nothing and no one is on the way over, needs to be cleaned or bought or called. what that leaves is time to get back to enjoying my apartment.

i just got the chair we had at the AD show. it’s big for this nook but it’s home for now. at least it covers up a bunch of wires  :)  with its arrival i started thinking about dressing this corner up. (not that i don’t like white and truly i am quite lazy lately). but IF i was gonna, the first thing  i’d  do is paint the door.  leave the background white and just do the blocks and trim. but what colors?

liz gave me this dress and i’ve had it hanging on the door as inspiration. not that i’d go orange and navy. but then again, they’re sort of neutrals…

i’d like to do something to the wall too cause the armoire creates nooks that are perfect to showcase something bold or pretty.

i came across this shot just now and thought it was apropos just when i thought it would be mod to trellis-out. this facade is on a building that’s probably over 100 years old. funny how certain graphics and colors seem so fresh but were created centuries ago. i wonder what their inspiration was back then?

anyway i’ve been surfing way too long and have read about everything from diy stenciling, fabric wallpaper, painted wallpaper and everything in between. guess i better cut it off somewhere or i could be at it all day, what with nothing to do and all.

now my only problem is deciding what to do. i love metallics.  or maybe ikat?

maybe a panel of paper on foamcore so no damage is done to the walls. or maybe i could try  painting one…

it’s a playground out there, so many options, so few walls. as much as i like the moderne, my other half would do something très féminin.

so many talented people are working on such pretty things

making things that are truly unique

just came across this one i found in paris.  sort of close to the ones above. there’s nothing like the real thing! now i wish i got it…

just a couple other ideas. infinity is fun.

and don’t get me started on people wallpapering furniture!

i’d love to have wallpaper that looks like this old wall, like a built in. hmm, maybe  blow up a photo?

put it on the to do list. for tomorrow that is! the rest of today has no agenda. hope you have some time to do a lotta nada.  have a great night!

August 7, 2011. Decorating, Stencils, Wallpaper.


  1. miss bliss replied:

    Wow, so much beauty, so many decisions… I like the yellow one with the orchid and pink pillow, and the shiny silver right after— love Elle Decor!

    the dimension of the architectural piece is great, too!

    Thanks for all this loveliness to enjoy with my cafe au lait :)

    We will have to meet up at A La Folie!



  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    yes, let’s!


  3. Splendid Sass replied:

    Love the black and white stencil and the gorgeous metallic!
    Glad to see you are settling in.
    have a great day.


  4. Rosa replied:

    Wonderful images! I’m voting for over the top très féminin! I love the strange jellyfish lanterns, too. I’d say go buck wild!!


  5. Paula replied:

    Wow…so many fabulous choices. My goodness. I have to say it is not a bad issue to have. You have wonderful models to turn to.



  6. Rosa replied:

    Ps. Loving the new look- it is new, right?!


  7. merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    I pretty much love all these pics.
    Re your chair in first pic, I see the same red as in this pic (behind the bed)
    “,” painted on the wall behind your white chair (I think it would go with the turquoise on the sconce).
    That being said, hope you don’t mind my suggestion. (couldn’t help it! – you bring out the decorating ideas in me).



    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      wow, that’s a strong thought! maybe like a borderline coral/red?


      • merillion replied:

        Yes, that sounds good. Also, could be in a lower value so it doesn’t knock your socks off too much when you come upon it. But in a way, I love the thought of it’s being “knock your socks off” !
        Just a thought!
        Your apartment looks so good!


  8. Sarah @ Maison Boheme replied:

    Wow. There is so much inspiration here! Beautiful post as always!


  9. Rosalie replied:

    So you see what happens when you decide to simplify?? [Take it down a notch]…..But I just can’t help wanting all of it, even though my ideal room would be almost empty.


    • merillion replied:

      Re Rosalie’s comment:

      I feel the same way.
      I love the idea of a rich sumptuous room, and at the same time, I love the thought of an almost empty room, with just a very simple daybed in it, right under a window, with wind & snow or Florida air blowing on my face.


      • Rosalie replied:

        Thank you for commenting. It’s nice to be verified.


  10. Laura Lewis replied:

    I love the pink flowers in the amoire-or whatever it was! Lovely!


  11. Polly Danger replied:

    Hi there! I’m Polly, crafter behind the DIY wallpaper project above! I just had to drop by and let you know that it’s such an honor for me to have been mentioned on your blog – The Paris Apartment was a HUGE source of inspiration for me. I remember the very first project the book gave me the gusto to undertake like it was yesterday (lush, fabric covered walls, anyone?)! I’ve even been giving it as gifts to people I’ve met over the years hoping it’ll inspire them as well… thanks for looking at my wallpaper project, and thank you for all you’ve done!


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