taking it down a notch


whew what a day. it’s amazing how many loose ends there are once you decide to tie them up. my focus for the past while has been refining instead of expanding. instead of growing my business, responsibilities and projects i really want to hone the ones i’ve got right in front of me.


i’m taking a breather from over achieving and floating back down to earth.


it may have been the backlash of my last couple posts on versailles but i suddenly had the feeling that if i saw one more gilded lily i’d keel over!

nicolas matheus

so thankfully i’m stepping back, seeing how simple things can really be


with very little pomp and circumstance



and how such little changes make a big impact



whew! back where i started but a little less stressed. hope you have a great night and start the weekend early mes cheres  amis!

August 5, 2011. Living.


  1. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Ah … crazy day for me too. This was heavenly. Merci!


  2. House of Jammi replied:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. As always.


  3. miss bliss replied:

    Words to live by here!

    xo xo from Miami Beach

    (stop by to enter my first giveaway– think you’d like the book after reading this post :)


  4. tobe | because it's awesome replied:

    such wonderful advice. i need to do the same! enjoy your weekend ~


  5. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    I love all the bedrooms. Beautiful photos.


  6. Fashion Cappuccino (@fashicappuccino) replied:

    Beautiful bedrooms! Wish mine looks like one of them! Sometimes I feel too overwhelmed with work but I’m too much of a workaholic to take a break! xoxoxo


  7. Rosalie replied:

    It seems like August is just the right time to simplify. It sounds delicious and I think I will try it.


  8. Rhonda replied:

    Where does the day go? I love your blog so much. Your images keep me focus and I now know what I want to do with my bedroom. Merci Beaucoup!


  9. Cynthia replied:

    I love the idea of slowing down…any day now, really…This pictures of the beds with beautiful linens and windows open make me want to take a nap, but it’s Monday and so many things on my To Do list…maybe tomorrow.



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