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hello guys! hope your week is winding down and the weekend is shaping up. it’s been a long day and i’m about to call it a night but just wanted to thank my girl katie of the neotraditionalist and founder of matchbook magazine for including me in the latest issue. how she does it i’ll never know but it’s filled with gorgeous picks and people so if you get a chance, stop by!

katie asked me what my readers would be surprised to know about me.  i could have gone down some random roads but went with my ‘green’ side. i think maybe some of you do know about my crusades but seeing this today made me gather my thoughts and start looking at how i can turn some of my obsessions into my reality.

now that i’m officially settled down in miami, the plan is to become a part of the community and propose some of the ideas i’ve been mulling over.  i’m hoping  miami beach is small enough to make some noise and get something done. so tonight i’ll pretend i’m on the committee and get started. my first proposal is to green the tops of all the buses.


after that i’d like to put recycling machines every place from starbucks to the supermarket. have you seen these machines? the one above is a kiosk that pays you when you turn in phones, cords etc. and the one below compacts plastic bottles. each of these is also a business opportunity for the person who sets it up so it’s good for the community and creates jobs.

next i’d like to propose a new beach cleaner, one that sifts the sand instead of just turning it over. this one is state of the art and is sustainable as it produces zero emissions and has a hybrid engine.

next i’m proposing a green roof to the building i look down on from my window. right now it’s just empty and stained and since green roofs are so easy these days, why not see if they’ll take the bait?

finally you probably do know about my passion against the CFL bulbs. i’m advocating that florida move in the direction that south carolina, texas and new zealand are going which is to BAN the CFL bulbs, not the innocent incandescent.i’ve been researching the pros and cons for almost 2 years and have devoted a blog to the cause. it’s s touch fight cause CFLs have become the symbol of green yet they’re just the opposite.  just say no to them before regular bulbs are outlawed and sign the ban on the ban at my other blog if you get a chance.

well, that’s about it for tonight, i’m burnt out! what are you doing in your green life?

July 1, 2011. Going Green, Living.


  1. Rosalie replied:

    This is very exciting. Congratulations. I will certainly go looking for MATCHBOOK, ‘tho I haven’t heard of it before. I suppose Barnes & Noble will have it. You have great ideas with so much fun involved. You go, Claudia. Go Save the World!!! ^.^)


  2. Splendid Sass replied:

    Congratulations, Claudia. I will head over now!
    Great post.
    Since my undergraduate degree is in biology, I am so appreciative of anything green.
    Have a nice weekend.


  3. merillion replied:

    I like your ideas, especially the one on CFL lightbulbs. I wIll sign the ban on the ban.
    Being green is ok, STUPID ideas like banning incandescents is NOT ok!


    • merillion replied:

      Hi again, Claudia –
      RE: “and sign the ban on the ban at my _other blog_ if you get a chance.”
      when I click on “other blog” I get a page that says, “Nothing was Found.”


  4. the paris apartment replied:

    hi all! thanks for stopping by. i put the link to the ban on the post as the last link. there’s a button where you can support or oppose the ban. so glad you’re into it too!


  5. Rosa replied:

    I love all of this, but I am SO excited about the lightbulbs! I’m going straight to that blog right now!


  6. Paula replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    So glad that you are settling in here in Miami. Love your ideas, the bus… well scared for the plants wind, pollution from exhausted…etc. Wow this summer you will be here a year. I live close to the nurseries. Let me know when you wanna come down and get some plants then we can do that roof top you talked about. So glad you are a green girl. :-)



  7. Janet (Shabbyfufu) replied:

    Hi Claudia…..hope u/r well. Oh those bulbs, ugh! Since hubby owns a building biz, he mentioned how those bulbs are so bad for the landfills when they first came out and would never use with his clients. Kudos to you for your “green~ness”! xo


  8. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    The whole idea of living green just makes me love antiques and vintage more! I love your ideas…hope you get good feedback about them!

    –Lee Ann


  9. beverley christenson replied:

    Go for it girl especially for antiques and vintage ,dispise those new bulbs. Beverley


  10. meg manion silliker replied:

    loved seeing you on matchbook!! you make green look good. always!! xo


  11. Urban Gardens (@urbangardens) replied:

    I am so glad to see that the Phyto Kinetic green roofs for buses concept inspired you! If you ever get to Girona, try to see the prototype.


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