the sum of small efforts

Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier

hi guys, how’s your summer so far? sorry i fell off the earth for awhile but you know how easy it is to burn out. i’d say  it was a little laziness but also being physically unable to touch my laptop after being on it all day. plus nothing seemed exciting enough to write about. yet so much happens in a day it’s a shame not to notice it, even if it seems like change happens in slow motion. so here are a few of today’s highlight:

my storage unit has had goodies from paris untouched for close to a year. we’re finally making progress with everything including organizing and shooting it all. not to mention listing it. amazing how much i’ve been letting slip thru the cracks.

not much has happened with the apartment, especially in the  kitchen. the colors are uber icky and i’m thinking of ways to change it without upsetting the building.

the highlight of the day was when liz took the reigns and decided not to wait for the assembly guy to come and help us with the shelves we got last week. she put them all together in just over an hour. it was a feat that surprised even me!

it was too late to make them pretty or even get a lit shot but you get the idea. we’re still debating what’s going in the center but we do have a piece she’s threatening to build tomorrow.

which reminds me, tomorrow is another day :)

hope whatever you’re working on is working out. sweet dreams, see you in the stars!

June 29, 2011. Decorating, Miami.


  1. lily replied:

    The goodies from Paris are fab !! And the apartment looks likes its coming along :) I have light cabinets, granite and stainless steel that look like yours in my apartment too and would LOVE to paint the cabinets but dont think its an option :( Let me know what you decide to do with them !!



  2. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    Hi Claudia! I think your apartment is coming right along. I’ll say everyone needs a can do friend like Liz. As for the kitchen…it looks pretty good to me. It would be nice if the cabinets were white and you had a backsplash. I found a site last week with stick on tiles that look real. I just did a little backsplash redo on my own kitchen and then found this solution too….it works great for someone that doesn’t have a backsplash at all. Take a look at it.


  3. christine95037 replied:

    What a dreamy place! All whites, cream and serene. And, I love the shelves – where’d you get them??


  4. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Looking good!! You’ll get there!I hope you’ll find something to do with the kitchen!! But, everything is coming along great!! Have a sweet day!! xx


  5. Splendid Sass replied:

    Appears everything is coming together here. Nice to have a friend like Liz!
    Can’t wait to see the finishing place.


  6. Style Maniac replied:

    That first image — oh, take me there RIGHT NOW.
    I think time off from the wired world is a key element in a true vacation.
    Let’s see if I can actually do it myself next week!


  7. Cynthia replied:

    Good job, Liz, on the shelves. Inspires me to actually try to do something like that myself. If she can do it …

    Happy 4th of July weekend – it’s almost here!


  8. the paris apartment replied:

    oh wow, hi guys! i just felt the biggest exhale coming here and criss crossing with you!


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