this place in space

bonjour mes amis! thank you for your notes today, j’adore you so much! what a marvelous place this is, cyberspace. we’re taking it down a notch today and working on the site and the upcoming buying trip in paris this fall. this is one of the photos and just thought maybe a dose of paris was a bit overdue. by the by have you seen the woody allen movie? did you love it? i sure did!

anyway i just wanted to stop by and say hi and share a pic of the place in the day. after watching million dollar decorators, it’s not coming along as fast as i’d like but taking some time has forced me to really think things through.

anyway my most precious possessions (shells and books)! are now off the floor so that’s a good start  :)

well, back to it, hopefully tonight i can come surfing by. till then, have a great day and nuit!

June 29, 2011. Decorating, Miami. 14 comments.

the sum of small efforts

Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier

hi guys, how’s your summer so far? sorry i fell off the earth for awhile but you know how easy it is to burn out. i’d say  it was a little laziness but also being physically unable to touch my laptop after being on it all day. plus nothing seemed exciting enough to write about. yet so much happens in a day it’s a shame not to notice it, even if it seems like change happens in slow motion. so here are a few of today’s highlight:

my storage unit has had goodies from paris untouched for close to a year. we’re finally making progress with everything including organizing and shooting it all. not to mention listing it. amazing how much i’ve been letting slip thru the cracks.

not much has happened with the apartment, especially in the  kitchen. the colors are uber icky and i’m thinking of ways to change it without upsetting the building.

the highlight of the day was when liz took the reigns and decided not to wait for the assembly guy to come and help us with the shelves we got last week. she put them all together in just over an hour. it was a feat that surprised even me!

it was too late to make them pretty or even get a lit shot but you get the idea. we’re still debating what’s going in the center but we do have a piece she’s threatening to build tomorrow.

which reminds me, tomorrow is another day :)

hope whatever you’re working on is working out. sweet dreams, see you in the stars!

June 29, 2011. Decorating, Miami. 8 comments.

the summer wind came blowing in

happy summer everybody! how’s everything in your world? i’m finally sneaking in some blog time so all’s right in the world here for the moment.

i’m basically just working hard during the day and sleeping hard at night. today was the first time we were able to get out and take a road trip to some favorite haunts and we found a gold leaf cocktail table.

you’ll be happy to know my sconces are up. now i’m on the lookout for a pair of slipper chairs to sit under them.

well you know how the days are, they start out with big talk, plans and good intentions but suddenly it’s late and it’s all i can do to write these last few words. sweet dreams and wishing you lots of lazy days and a summer to remember!

June 22, 2011. Summer. 17 comments.

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