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hi guys! i hope you’re still enjoying a long vacation and getting every minute out of it! i’m about to take off for a stroll before sunset which means right now if ever. just wanted to stop by and say hi and wish you a great, short week.

i’m starting to think a lot about feng shui. below is some research i did on it awhile ago. found the pics just now to give it a visual and sorry not all the links are there, i’m having trouble with wordpress tonite. anyway, have a great night, more soon!


Feng Shui

This 3000 year old practice is based on ancient Chinese philosophies of balancing a space to create harmony. This is done by considering every element begininning with yin and yang and the earth’s five elements. Each these is considered in a home, and more specifically, in each room where we live, work and play. The outcome of the effort rewards us with everything from health to wealth. It’s based on the belief that in order to have what we want, we should first take into consideration the things around us and honor them, and nature in particular. It’s not an exact science and the philosophy is that you can use any of the five elements, even from a picture or a symbol. they take it pretty deep but you can just pull elements that have meaning for you. It’s a fun art and science since it’s open to interpretation and nature’s infinite variety provides an endless source of ideas.

Feng Shui Room Consider the elements needed to create your feng shui retreat: Open windows to invite cross ventilation. Use organic materials like bamboo flooring and a rattan dresser. Think minimalism but go for luxe/organic upholstery in light tones and materials like leather, wool, silk and linen.  Add a splash of red in a painting or a lantern. Add a single flower blossom like a lotus floating in water.

The elements are represented by:

1.Wood: Includes trees, plants and flowers, all organic and natural, or any item, made of wood, including furniture. 

 2.Water: Including bodies of water, even if in a vase or a running tabletop fountain, birdbath, aquarium or bowls of water with floating candles. Mirrors are included in this category since they reflect.  

3.Metal: Inludes gold and silver, pewter, brass, aluminum, iron chrome and copper, or rocks such as marble, granite and flagstone or precious and semi precious stones. It can be an iron bed, or something that’s from the mountains and hills. It can even be a silver frame.  

4.Fire: Represents the sun has to do with life and can be a candle, statue or sculpture representing man, or life, and also consists of mantles, natural light, animals, pets and people. 

5.Earth: Soil, sand or dirt, can be anything including a potted plant, brick, sand, ceramics and earthenware.

Gems, Crystals, Stones and their properties: 

Amber: Protection and healing, Agate, Success, joy, Amethyst: Clairvoyance, Aquamarine, Harmony, Citrine: Mental Alacrity, detoxification, Diamond: Strength, pure energy, Emerald: Spiritual healing, creative energies, Garnet: Assertiveness, strength, Hematite: Counteracts negative energy, Jade: Healing, wisdom, Lapis: Intuition, Malachite: Psychic power, healing, Moonstone: Emotional balance, lunar connections, Onyx: Grounding, Opal: Energizes the body, Peridot: Sensuality (Cleopatra’s favorite), rejuvenation, Rose Quartz Crystal: Alignment, childlike trust,  Ruby: Passion, Sapphire: Devotion, strength of heart, Tiger’s Eye: Brings ideas into reality, bravery, Topaz, Knowledge, focus, Tourmaline: Purification, Turquoise: Balancing, healing

Woods and its properties:

 Alder: Joy, growth, Apple: health, life, Birch: Emotional healing, Cedar: Courage, power, Elm: grace, compassion, Fir: Noble, pure , Ginko: Ancient wisdom, power, Magnolia: Abundance, Maple: Beauty, Oak: Determination,  Olive: Peace, Sycamore: Protection, Willow: Healing, transformative

Metals and their Properties:

Brass: Bright, bold, lively, Copper: Revolutionizing, Gold: The sun, plentitude, masculinity,  Iron: Grounding, supportive,  Silver: Lunar, feminity, intuition

Plants and Flowers and their properties:

Acorn: Nordic Symbol of Life and Immortality, Azalea: Womanhood, Baby’s Breath: Pure Heart,  Bluebell: Humility,Buttercup: Riches, Cattails: Peace,  Cactus: Endurance, Chrysanthemum: Longevity, self examination, Crocus: cheer, renewal, Daffodil: Youth laughter, Daisy:  Happiness, elation, Ferns: Magic, Forget Me Not: Memories, Golden Rod:Success, Grass, Submission, Heather: Admiration, Iris, Sensuality, valor,  Jasmine: Joy, Brilliance, Jonquil: Affection, Lily: Perfection, simplicity, Lily of the Valley: New life, Lotus: enlightenment, Mimosa: Friendship, Mistletoe: Sacred plant of India, Magic plant of the Druids, Marigold: Eternity, Rose: Love, Moss: Charity, Orchids: Charm, refinement,Palms: victory, Pansy: Merriment, Peony: Compassion Sweet Pea: Bliss, Sunflower: enthusiasm, belief, Tulip: Elation, sensuality, Violet: modesty, Wisteria:  Welcome

Aromatherapy Scents and Essential Oils:

Cedarwood: Relaxing and purifying, Chamomile: Soothing, Eucalyptus: Invigorating, Frankincense: clarity, Geranium: Balancing, Juniper: Stimulating, Lavender: Calming, Lemon: Uplifting, Lime: Invigorating, Orange: Refreshing, Peppermint: Awareness, Rose: Emotional relaxation, Rosemary: Exhilarating, Sage: Cleansing, purity, Sandalwood: Release, Thyme: Activate, Brisk, Ylang Ylang: Sensuous 

May 30, 2011. Books, Decorating.


  1. Karena replied:

    Oooh I love your post. I so also try to practice Feng Shue!

    Great descriptions!

    New Giveaway from Tracy Porter starts the 1st!

    Art by Karena


  2. Lily replied:

    I love the descriptions too ! Loved reading about the gems, stones and crystals and about the plants and flowers !!



  3. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Awesome, i should really try it!! Hope your week has started well xx


  4. Rosa replied:

    wow!! that top photo is so beautiful!! is that your own image?


  5. the paris apartment replied:

    hi rosa, no it’s not. i put the link to it but i don’t know who the photog is officially.


  6. SizzleandZoom replied:

    Inspiring! Love your blog.


  7. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Fun post! I especially love the language of flowers!


  8. Chrisy replied:

    That first pic is fabulous…I can feel that water hitting my feet…and the feng shui very interesting…


  9. ROSALIE replied:

    I love your posts…everything is just fabulous.


  10. Maria replied:

    Love the language of the flowers , can I ask you something ? What name does the flower on the photo you’ve posted have?
    thank you!


  11. Penny Ann Keller Herring replied:

    I was an interior designer for 15 years and loved using different techniques of Feng Shui which I learned from books. When I finally hired a real consultant she informed me that there are basically 3 kinds of Feng Shui…
    – Authentic … 4,000 year old tradition from China.
    – Black Hat … Tantric Buddhist developed 15 years ago in US
    – Intuitive Modern …spiritual/new age.
    Very interesting to learn about the differences!


  12. Dakota replied:


    :) Love the beach scene.



  13. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Hi Claudia!!!
    I am saving all of this as I think these days we may need it!!!!! Thanks for the enlightenment!!!!!Maryannexo


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