expect the unexpected

hey guys, happy memorial weekend! it’s so good to know winter is behind us and sunshine’s in our future! hopefully your only plans are to enjoy yourself.  my weekend is going to be a mismash of events so i don’t know when i’ll get back but just wanted to post about yesterday’s score (see above).

i took my own advice and went headboard thrifting in the couple hours i had till picking up my guy from the FLL airport. i didn’t really think i’d find something right away but at the same time felt like i was led right to it.

i wasn’t sure what i wanted and started out looking at everything. but in the back of my mind i kept thinking about this picture and the gold headboard. i went to about 10 local places. it was on the 11th and in the way back!

imagine my surprise to see a crown sticking up in a giant stack in the back of the store. when i was just far enough away to be pretty late for the airport pickup!

it was a split second decision and when he said it was a king, i said sold. i haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s fun to have around. it’s got good curves. a paint job is in store for sure and maybe fabric could be coming through from  behind in the open areas. food for thought. your thoughts?

i went and got the next part of the book and will post it below.  have a great weekend and hopefully i’ll have some downtime and can stop by too!

May 28, 2011. Books, Decorating, Miami.


  1. Khrystine replied:

    So excited for your book!


  2. Karena replied:

    Wonderful post and images Claudia!! Gorgeous head and foot boards,

    Art by Karena


  3. meenal@mason marigold replied:

    The moment I saw the first image the second one came into my mind.. sure enough it was there..what a fabulous find..can’t wait to see it painted and finished..love the thoughts you have shared..have a lovely weekend..do visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal


  4. Vicki Archer replied:

    Great find Claudia…..xv


  5. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Gorgeous, I love it!! Definitely something I would pick and be way too excited to get home to put up, haha!! Have a lovely weekend xxx


  6. Mom replied:

    It is gorgeous.


  7. Chelsea Talks Smack replied:

    I love this!


  8. designchic replied:

    What a fabulous headboard…can’t wait to see it finished!! Hope your weekend is wonderful ~


  9. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    It’s fantastic! Yes, I can see a padded headboard part like in your inspiration pic. Enjoying the copy from your book. I remember when you said you were going to do this book. Does this mean you are not going to do it? I was looking forward to beautiful photos of bedrooms. I have not been finding much of anything at thrift stores lately…this really was a find.


  10. cityfarmer replied:

    the BEST ever!
    what wait ..the thrift shop?

    pop over for just a peek
    missu as always


  11. iknowalittleplace replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,

    You have such a lovely blog here. Truly enjoy reading it. Have added it to my blogroll – hope you don’t mind. Looking forward to seeing you at ‘I Know A Little Place: Paris’.

    Tomi Kushner


  12. Chateau de Lille replied:

    How lucky was that! I love that style, especially in gold. Fiona


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