a dream or two that may come true

hello my dear and wonderful friends. it’s been a long day and i’m home. the lights are out and my ipod is playing for the first time on a new little bose system. my mom wants me to blog but i know you’d much rather know that i was dancing at home in the dark, lauching and crying to every song and having the perfect night  singing loud and bad.  at least till the housewives come on! have a great night too, see you in the stars!

May 23, 2011. Dreams.


  1. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    Sometimes there is nothing better than playing your favorite music as loud as you want and singing and dancing along. I’m jealous of you bose system….I want some better speakers for myself.


  2. Bluebirds and Butterflies replied:

    I have a bose system for my ipod and LOVE it! Great sound! Enjoy! Keep dancing! xoxo Kim


  3. designchic replied:

    Good for you…keep on dancing and singing!!


  4. ROSALIE replied:

    I am very happy for you. Enjoy, enjoy. This is what makes life wonderful. My oldest boy just moved back into town. We are celebrating and very happy. Bless you and your family….keep dancing.


  5. Lily replied:

    Sounds like a lovely evening !! Have a great time with your niece…I am sure she will have tons of fun with you :) I am about to go watch the housewives too ha!



  6. meenal @ maison marigold replied:

    enjoy the dancing..a beautiful night among the stars to you too..the image is just too hauntingly beautiful..xx meenal


  7. the paris apartment replied:

    thanks you guys, dancing in the moonlight was just the re-charge i needed last night. now i’m ready for monday full throttle!


  8. Josette replied:

    Hi Claudia….I’m a long time follower and seldom commenter……however…I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your moving adventure and following what you are to….thanks for letting us in on your life.




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