take it as it comes

check out my girl haleigh enjoying her new digs at makingmagique.com


hi guys! stopping in while i have a minute and some motivation. i broke down and am posting pics of my apartment as is.

there’s been a lot going on and the last thing i’ve been doing is truly decorating.  you know how it is. but i do have a table scape with the few things i own.  ;p

i’m still waiting for the armoire to be built and the curtains to go up. in fact i have to get the rods today.

i bit the bullet and got a sofa. it can be separated and sleeps two either separately or together. the backs come off and there’s a corner too so it’s got a lot of versatility. they can go face to face or along the back wall too.

my books are on the floor as the shelves are being planned and debated to the enth degree

but at least they’re with me. some of them anyway. my books are spread between my parents and new york. very few are here and i’l love get them all together.

going thru the linens i found my stash from paris including one with my initials that was long forgotten.  (sorry i didn’t iron but it went right into the wash. i tried smudge in photoshop but there’s nothing like the real thing)  ;p

i’m trying to beef it up on all fronts including me, my biz, my car, food, work, life. just tightening up in general. i found this shot from coco and kelly and it’s my inspiration for the day.


well i have liz here working so i better put her talent to good use. more soon!

May 16, 2011. Decorating, Miami.


  1. Lily replied:

    How gorgeous !! Thanks so much for sharing a little peek into your new space. Love your table scape…I have a few sea fans that I have yet to find a place for…still working on getting my place together too!



  2. à la parisienne replied:

    Salut, Claudia!
    It’s been way too long since I’ve visited.
    I’ve caught up on reading about your new apartment and about your décor. Your new sofa and floors are beautiful. You have a perfect canvas to work with. I look forward to seeing how you work your magique.

    Bonne semaine,


  3. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Even unfinished beauty shines through! I can only imagine what it will be like once all your desires are applied! Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!


  4. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    The beginnings of a great place. I love that table with the sea fans and feathers. Modern – Beachy!


  5. annawithlove replied:

    fabulous! just love it.


  6. Rosa replied:

    Looks like things are coming along! I can’t wait to see more! I love your little vignette with the books and a painting- I’d never have guessed it was on the floor!


  7. Vicki Archer replied:

    It will be fabulous Claudia…already is….xv


  8. Leigh Chandler replied:

    LOVE your antique linens with your initials! So hard to find and so beautiful! I love your sunny apartment and can’t wait to see it evolve. You are so talented – have fun! Also, am in love with your sofa! So sophisticated and with your treasures it is going to be a showplace!


  9. merillion replied:

    I love your new floors, new sofa (perfect & versatile), your view, everything!
    It’s all so appealing even though you’re still “workin’ on it.”
    When can I come over??? :)

    Good luck with everything!


  10. meenal @ maison marigold replied:

    what lovely shots of the infinished house..i can only imagine how it’ll look once you are done decorating it..have a lovely day..do visit my blog when you have a moment xx meenal


  11. Haleigh replied:

    thank you or the shout out dollllll!

    I can already tell the apartment is and is going to be even more amazing! feels so fresh and I love how you create this beautiful mélange between the southern sea climate and your love of parisian decors. Can’t wait to see more :-)



  12. mydesignchic replied:

    It’s looking wonderful…love the new sofa!!


  13. myfrenchawakening replied:

    Hello Claudia,
    My, there’s a lot going on inside these pretty rooms and in your head! So much inspiration and you can’t get moving fast enough! Relax… everything will be beautiful as always…a whiff of a feather, a scroll of a piece of wire and assorted French stuff- how can you go wrong? I’m looking forward to the process as always.Have a great day, Therese


  14. Renée replied:

    I love your sofa!


  15. Hannah replied:

    You seem to have a lot on your mind. Relax, it will all come together!


  16. Brenda Spielmann replied:

    LOOOVe the sofa, am looking for something exactly like it. Would you mind sharing where you got it, or a model name or something. I’m hoping I could find it up here in Canada.
    Have fun with it.


  17. weirdrockstar replied:

    I love it! All of it!
    We too will be moving in about a month´s or two´s time, and these pictures just gave me enough material to dream on for more space and light. Absolutely beautiful! It already speaks volumes in style, charm and beauty. What a start!


  18. Karena replied:

    Claudia a whole new adventure ahead!! I love your place and you are already making it your own!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!


  19. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    HI Claudia!
    Looks like you have things wel in hand. I’m anxious to see how everything comes out, I’m sure it will be gorgeous………Great picture of Haleigh….. Maryanne xo


  20. sudha replied:

    lovely blog…may i request you for a home tour on my blog :)


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