i hope you don’t mind

hi guys! it’s a beautiful saturday and i hope all’s well in your world. try as i might i just can’t be convinced to do anything with my ‘before’ apartment pics while it’s being worked on so suffice it to say that i’m still enjoying these days of wine and roses, looking thru photos for inspiration.


the shelving is the next big decision to make. the wall they’re going on is about 12 ft across. i’m at crossroads cause unless you do built-ins, the shelves or cubes will all be the same size and i’d like variety.


we’re dying to start bringing in wood and natural elements but truth is setting up the bed, sofa, desk, armoire and bath was enough for now.

suddenly i’m not in a hurry and just want to love it all so going slow is fine.

there’s maybe a tiny nook for a vanity

i love the loungy vibe


we want to create a stripe like this for a pair of chairs

i have a shell collection and would love to indulge in my passion for geodes, glass and coral.


my mom says my mirrored wall sounds dated but i was thinking of doing something like this with a bit of antiquing and piecing it together then framing with simple trim.

random inspiration


vineetkaur.tumblr.com above all else i have to practive what i preach: it doesn’t take much to be fabulous.



simplicity is key.


ok, one shot of me in le habitat.  sorry i don’t have a pic of the sofa. the sun is going down but i’ll try to set one up now. actually i have to say the place is just not ready even for  before shots so i hope it’s ok to just  forget about shooting it right now. i’ll just kick back instead of adding pressure to an already full and long day. i know if anyone understands that it’s you! have a great saturday night and enjoy some RnR too!

ps we found these giant buddahs today and fell in love. so much to think about!

May 14, 2011. Decorating, Miami.


  1. Acquired Objects replied:

    I have to say I’m enjoying reading about you finally enjoying more of your home. It’s fun isn’t it? Great pictures ideas! Enjoy your evening out!


  2. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    The whole fun of redoing a place is enjoying the process. I wouldn’t want to rush it. I moved into my house and my living room was just a shell for a year while I designed and built my fireplace. People thought I was crazy…they’d walk in and there was no furniture…but I knew what it was going to be. After that room was done…it was another four years till I finished up the furniture in the dining room. Now I need to focus on den and bedrooms. Its very much a process for me.

    I LOVE the mirrored walls! I did a post about them earlier this year…


    I know the kind of walls your Mom is thinking of and I hate those too but yes, the antique looking mirrors look great.


  3. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    If I go by your Pinterest, you should just make the whole apartment a closet and vanity. Wouldn’t that be fun! Love the mirror wall with the brass medallion clips, always been a fav. XO


  4. Mom replied:

    Take your time. You will have to live with it. Don’t bring in anything you don’t love.


  5. Mom replied:

    Take ;your time. You have to live with it. don’t bring in anything you don’t love.


  6. Smalltown Mom replied:

    So many beautiful pictures. If I ever had my dream house (which would basically be my house, but with a lot more rooms) I would have walls and walls of shelves.


  7. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Your amping up the mystery of the “before”, can’t wait to see it…………….especially when we’re able to see it “after”. Take your time on the photos and what you want to show. It will be exciting for all of us no matter!


  8. Lily replied:

    Beautiful photos. Love all the shelves and the shell collection/geode, glass and coral idea !! Cant wait to see when everything is done.



  9. Heather replied:

    Mirrored walls are always great they fade in and out of fashion but it is your house so fashion smashion!


  10. meenal @ maison marigold replied:

    I just OD’d on eye candy..gorgeous images..all of them..have a lovely weekend!! xx meenal


  11. Trish replied:

    Well…there’s GOT to be a nook for a vanity! Great images, as always. Love the view past your laptop! Trish


  12. Rosa replied:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog through pinterest and am really enjoying it already! I’ve subscribed and I’ll be following some of your boards, too. Can’t wait to go check out some more of your blog! So glad to have found it…


  13. Karena replied:

    Sometimes I want to rush into things full sped ahead, it is nice now to just take time and get what you really want!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!


  14. annette replied:

    take your time and breathe in the pleasure of redoing your home space. i truly beleive the process is as amazing as the result. i too believe in simplicity and surrounding yourself with only what you love. the photos are inspiring and i thank you for sharing them and keeping us all inspired too :)


  15. Style Maniac replied:

    I definitely see a look emerging from these. Don’t you?


  16. residential property management lake norman replied:

    I love all these photos! I agree, simplicity is key… less is more in my opinion. Good luck decorating!


  17. kate replied:

    I love being on your journey with you. It’s an inspiration. I wonder if you’re a water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces) as you seem to feel so peaceful near the water. Thanks for taking us with you. Love the inspiring shelf shots too!


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    […] the paris apartment) Filed under […]


  20. The Well-Appointed Desk replied:

    […] the paris apartment) This entry was posted in photo and tagged desk, workspace by admin. Bookmark the […]


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