a warm wind’s blowing the stars around


hey guys, happy friday! sorry to have disappeared for a few days. we went into overdrive and i just crashed and burned. guess i needed a break cause at the end of the day there’s been no energy for anything but deep sleep. plus it’s been non stop guests since i got the keys to the new pad. liz and i have been working hard and squeeze in some shopping here and there but the apartment still seems empty, which i don’t mind.

i’m not that into the before pics without the afters but will take some shots tomorrow of what we’ve been up to. shooting, resizing and editing have been foreign concepts this week. plus seeing my shots compared to what’s out there on pinterest! i feel like a slacker but also like taking my time to decorate.

i’ll try to be more diligent (mom and dad)!  till tomorrow then. have a great weekend!

May 14, 2011. Miami.


  1. Lily replied:

    I completely agree. I want to share my new place but I want it to be “pinterest quality” ! Ha. So many beautiful places out there and it takes some time finding all the perfect little pieces. Hard to do it all in a week! I want to share my place too but when I am happy with everything!



  2. Design Elements replied:

    agree! have a wonderful weekend too!


  3. Helen replied:

    So great you got to rest. I love your blog and pin your pics on Pinterest. Absolutely love your work so if a little break is what’s needed to see more beautiful things, DO IT!! Thank you for creativity and hard work. Take care of yourself. xo


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