all the frills upon it

happy easter sunday everyone! i hope you’re having a glorious day.

big love and hugs to mom and dad who are feasting with the family, wish i was there!

i just did a google search on dyed eggs as a quick tribute to the day and learned so much! they want to change the name ‘easter eggs’ to ‘spring spheres’ in one state!

also read about dying with onion skin at passover

i wonder what it is with this time of year and the eggs. guess i could google  it. bet mom knows!

it would be fun to dye them according to hard boiled or regular. anyway i’m on my way to catch a sunset so i hope you have a fantastic night and start the week off riGhT!

by the by, here’s a list of natural dye color sources via

Pink – Use beets, cranberries, or raspberries
Red – Use red onion skins, or pomegranate juice
Orange – Use yellow onion skins, or paprika
Dark Orange – Use chili powder
Yellow – Use carrot tops, ground cumin or turmeric, orange or lemon peels
Green – Use spinach
Blue – Use red cabbage
Lavender – Use purple grape juice
Brown – Use coffee, tea, or black walnut shells

oh and just for fun:

ok gotta hop!

April 24, 2011. Easter Eggs, Holidays, Photography, postaday2011.


  1. Mom replied:

    Tres sweet. The eggs are all about new life and new beginnings in the Spring. Dinner with the family was great, but two important siblings were missing~ LOL Mom Next week I will try the natural dyes.


  2. Acquired Objects replied:

    “”Spring spheres”??? LOL, they’re Easter Eggs! The other will never catch on since it isn’t politically incorrect! Happy Easter!


  3. the paris apartment replied:

    can you believe? i mean, who has time to think of that?


  4. Lora replied:

    Thanks for the link. I love your beautiful blog!


  5. ellery replied:

    The Eggs are beautiful! Before Easter was a Christian Holiday, it coincided with the pagan Ostara….Eggs are a pagan symbol of new life and fertility…it was easier to transition pagans to Christianity if there were elements of the old religion still involved. I’m sure that’s why some would like to change the name to Spring Spheres…


  6. Dmarie replied:

    the blue eggs in the first basket remind me of the color I was hoping to use in our master bath. After three (or was it four) tries, I just settled for whatever color was last. This is such a beautifully colorful post. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Anneli Wahlstedt replied:

    Love Your blog and hope Your Easter was a pleasant one !

    Best wishes from Anneli in Sweden


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