your work is to discover your work

…and then with all your heart, give yourself to it. ~buddha

hey guys, bon weekend. seems like just about everyone is celebrating something right around now. i hope you’re having a good time, whatever you’re up to!

i had to take the past couple days to reflect about life as i knew it and am going to be making some changes and improvements. if you know one thing about me it’s that i rarely stop working. then again, work is also my hobby and keeps me traveling, shopping and even blogging.

having been at it non stop for years found me falling into a rut last week. and there’s nothing like tax time and the hindsight of the past year to really put it all into perspective. you know how they say if you do the same thing over you’ll get the same result? that’s pretty much what i want to change. starting with saving up. and spending time on philanthropy.

i want to step it up bit, create multiple streams of revenue. but  i don’t want to get a second job and everything i need is at my fingertips. i’m into the cliche, work smarter not harder.

you may be wondering what all this stuff is. well it’s energy, movement, chi as they say.  i’m working on a project with liz and maybe you too. it’s simple but effective and thy name is…ebay!

tReS un-glam i know,  but a great outlet and world platform. and no one is unemployed as long as there’s this venue and has some stuff lying around the house. truth is i haven’t touched my account  it in years but here’s the challenge. we’re going to list 5 items per day, more if possible, to clear out, buy and sell, all while donating to charity.

mmm k? so liz got me started and is going to work on hers this weekend. if you have extra stuff laying around, it’s the perfect yard sale. is there anything you’re saving up for?

well, i’m off to list my 5 for today. i believe in 3 months i’ll have a down payment for a house. is that a challenge? join us! remember the guy who traded a bean for a house? or something like that! have a great weekend!

if you set up shop i’ll list you too!

April 23, 2011. Tags: . eBay, postaday2011.


  1. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Love it! You are such a clever girl and I wouldn’t miss your ebay store for anything! You have the best “eye” for the coolest stuff – bonne chance ma cherie!


  2. Karena replied:

    On my way to look my dear! I love this idea and as you know I love paying it forward.

    That is why I have so many giveaways on my site!

    Art by Karena

    Send your friends to…Come and enter my very Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!


  3. Dad replied:

    Mom and I have joined with the PC crowd and are having a happy and joyous something dinner with Chris and family, Unkie, Lisa, and Kenny. Colin and his family will no doubt have their something on the road from Williamsburg or maybe even with Jean’s mother on Long Island.
    A very happy something to you!


  4. Virginia replied:

    Just to tell you, the lipstick in the mother of pearl lipstick case is Revlon, not Max Factor…and also I am now hooked on all your pictures on pinterest…everything you post is AMAZING!!!!


  5. meenal @ maison marigold replied:

    you do have the most gorgeous stuff up on ebay..what an eye you’ve got! all the very best for this new (ad)venture! happy something to you too!! xx meenal


  6. Lily replied:

    Love the idea !! I will definitely check out your ebay page !!



  7. Stephanie replied:

    Those eggs are so cute, what a cool idea!


  8. zelda replied:

    you are a very smart girl ! :-)


  9. leelouz replied:

    Hi, you have posted lovely things! good luck with your ebay sale… it is a good challenge. sometimes we need to rethink our lives, start fresh and feel bold! It is part of our journey in this world! a bientot!


    • the paris apartment replied:

      i agree! and i actually did this once before when i put together a tv pilot. ebay funded the whole thing!


  10. Christine replied:

    Claudia – great idea. And congratulations!
    I have been told to open a store on ebay selling my one-of-a-kind items. Even opened an account – can’t seem to part with any of my treasures – though I barely and rarely see them. I should sell, as during this tough time of barely paying – or hardly paying – the bills it would be a great little money maker.
    Good luck with your latest venture!


  11. Lara Doyle replied:

    darling, beautiful things, but they are a TAD bit overpriced, no? $40.00 buy it now for a box of pink matches that someone covered in expensive fabric?


    • the paris apartment replied:

      well SHE sells them for 100 euros in Paris!


      • Lara Doyle replied:

        Oh boy, I would tell her that they were too expensive also. Beautiful, but expensive.


  12. the paris apartment replied:

    well i hate to insult someone who makes something by hand. and the fabric is hand loomed in the old tradition. and you can save the box for letters and papers. i guess it’s all what you put value on, each of us is so different.


  13. Lara Doyle replied:

    I’m sure whoever purchases the matches will enjoy them!


  14. the paris apartment replied:

    i hope so. i never wanted to use them, the pink was so pretty against the fabric ;p


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