can every day be earth day?

hi guys, happy friday! i hope you’re getting ready for a beautiful spring weekend and spending some time in the sun.

happy earth day and thanks mother earth for all the beauty you bestow on us every day with your delicate balance of earth air, fire and water.

i think i’ll try to make something really happen in my neighborhood, not just for today but for the future. it’s sinful that in miami beach recycling is almost non-existent and apartment buildings and restaurants are not required by law to do it.

instead of complaining about it, as of today i’m going to do something about it and make some noise starting with my own building and favorite haunts.


i’m glad to share the planet with you. this is our time and i hope our legacy is one we can be proud of! bon weekend mes amis!

April 22, 2011. Earth Day, Photography, postaday2011.


  1. LeRoy Dean replied:



  2. Lily replied:

    All the hearts are so pretty !! Enjoy your weekend :)



  3. Shelly Gregory replied:

    These photos are AMAZINGLY sweet in loving regards to our EARTH! I believe everyday should be an earth day, along with a couple of other “days” we SHOULD keep in daily focus! My family and I are recyclers, repurposers, re-users, and wanting to instill other earth friendly practices too! Sometimes it seems inconvinient, but really it’s sooo worth it to try and be considerate of what blessings the earth was created to give!


  4. Kim Henneke-Singer replied:

    Wonderful photos! Love all the hearts! Isn’t the spider web amazing!!! Have a great Easter!!!! xoxo Kim


  5. yvonne rosenfield replied:

    I lived in Miami Beach for years. Maine is so clean and the people here are very concerned about the Planet.
    I think of Florida as a big chunk of Mildew, now.
    Believe me Miami Beach was wonderful in the 60’s. It has really changed. That’s the politic’s and graft.


  6. Anne Kaarina replied:



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