ordinarily unextraordinary


bonjour cheres amis, what are you up to aujourd’hui? i’m supposed to be working on my taxes but have been beyond distracted by this little machine on my lap!


lately i’ve been collecting a lot of photos and with so many places to find new and fresh images it can be hard to hone in on one topic when blogging.


so again, i’m pulling from the infinite hat and clearing the air with the beauty and simplicity of the humble clothesline.


somehow with our complicated lives the little things like breezes and sunshine can get overlooked.


not to mention the hand washing which can take a back seat and just get tossed in with jeans and destroyed. colors get mixed, whites turn to grey…there’s an art to everything, even laundry, right? good thing there are so many talented photographers out there catching glimpses of it and sharing them with us.


well today i’m taking time to appreciate the simple pleasures and finding joy in the daily routine. thank god taxes are only once a year.


anyway i hope sunshine and gentle breezes follow you today, and that you’re finding beauty in any chores you’re doing.


ok well off to get ‘er done. hope you’re doing something productive or creative. if i know you, you’ll turn hum drum into big fun! have a great saturday!


April 16, 2011. Clothes lines, Linens, Photography, postaday2011.


  1. Robin replied:

    I grew up hanging laundry and never seen the art in it…but I sure am looking at it differently now. Love the pictures. Thanks for the fresh perspective.


  2. Joni Webb replied:

    If only wash day was as sexy as it looks here, everyone would be doing it!!!!


  3. clare replied:

    Just about to peg out a load of men’s work clothes. Hmmmph, wish my wash load was so pretty!


  4. Nicole at First House on the Right replied:

    Sadly my washing line never looks that beautiful! Nicolex


  5. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Oh heck, I have been doing my taxes and 2 year-ends for months now, soon this will be off my head finally! I am afraid I need to buy nicer lingerie to hang outdoors. XO


  6. Bonnie replied:

    OMG I’m suppose to be working on my taxes too! I would so rather be doing laundry! :)


  7. Zelda replied:

    That is a tax free day lady . Thanks for the picture therapy of the morning . Bonne journee .


  8. French Curiosites replied:

    I can’t wait to get back to France. Hanging laundry on the line is more enjoyable to me than seems logical. I don’t do it in the states but love it France :)


  9. Vicki Archer replied:

    Beautiful images Claudia….wish I looked that pretty when I am doing jobs! xv


  10. Acquired Objects replied:

    I love hanging my laundry outside in the summer nothing like fresh air on your sheets! Love that first image. I hope you get your taxes done and are able to enjoy your Sunday!


  11. annawithlove replied:

    that first picture is so lovely!


  12. Lisa replied:

    I love many of your post , this one was exceptionally lovely.

    Lisa xx


  13. jayneonweedstreet replied:

    SO many evocative photos! I love a clothesline. Bed sheets smell and feel so good when just taken down from the line – I remember this from my childhood….


  14. the paris apartment replied:

    oh how divine to have fresh air!
    i hope if you hang some you shoot it!


  15. à la parisienne replied:

    Hopefully by now your dreaded tax duty is over with!
    I remember hanging clothes on the line as one of my childhood chores. Funny how in less than twenty years a simple chore can become obsolete. I’ve been contemplating putting up a clothesline at my house…It would definitely bring back memories.

    Hope you have a great week,


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