the sum is as great as the parts

what’s up guys? it’s been way too long since i’ve made the rounds and visited my friends in cyber space. but space is the place that never rests and i indulged in some surfing today for a look at what everyone’s been up to. the abundance of beauty and sheer creativity is mind boggling. there’s so much out there on every level that it’s hard to focus in on any one topic. but i’m going force myself to reign it in so i rolled the dice and it’s (dromroll)….embroidery!

i don’t know why it’s intriguing me but it’s just so sweet, simple and expressive. it’s one of those hobbies that’s evolved over the centuries and today’s styles are super simple; anything from a tracing to complete free flow. hope you enjoy these sweet creations!


i see these pretty threads and ribbons at all the markets and always wished i could do something with them besides display and admire. my mom and aunt once embroidered the hem of my jeans with flowers and butterflies and strawberries on the back pockets. i think they even stuffed the berries with a little foam but it’s hard to remember cause i was only about 8. still i remember them vividly. if you’ve got the knack you could be making lifetime memories for someone. stitch on!

April 15, 2011. Embroidery, postaday2011.


  1. Lily replied:

    It is all so pretty…makes me wish I knew how ! I love the embroidered crest with rhinestones, pearls and velvet ribbon!



  2. beverley christenson replied:

    Me too Beverley xxxx


  3. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    I learned to do these as a teenager, but I couldn’t do it again to save my life, lol. Must re-learn sometime, these are beautiful!! xx


  4. Shelly Gregory replied:

    This solidifies why I love embroidery! Gosh, these are gorgeous samples!


  5. kathleen crowley replied:

    Its so pretty!!!!!!!!!! I have to repost this on FB if you dont mind – because all the messages that I just dont want to verbalize are there – so nice and sweet to look at!


  6. annawithlove replied:

    beautiful post as always! :)
    you should know your comment on my blog today actually made my day! so glad you came by my blog and likes the photos!! xxoo


  7. SizzleandZoom replied:

    A lovely inspiring post. A joy to read.


  8. sharon -My French Country Home replied:

    What wonderful pictures, really good selection. Some people are so clever, I enjoyed this post, thank you!


  9. Marie soderberg replied:

    Lovely embroidey..


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