infinite variety

images via david prince

shocking! it’s midnight once again. hello dearest friends, how was your day? i’m sure you ran around if i know you! it’s been a full day and about time to start getting those 8 hours under my belt!

good thing we’re forced to sleep or i wonder if we would ever stop?

i came across this photographer just now while i was slowly surfing and  quickly fading. i love his style and am honing in on bed shots…i think i need to get horizontal toute de suite.

for all the same subject beds are so completely different. i’m endlessly fascinated by them and suddenly want new sheets.

well, have a great night mes amis. i hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!

April 14, 2011. Beds, Photography, postaday2011.


  1. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    HI Claudia!
    I may have just the new sheets you are looking for,,, love the rumpled beds…… Yawn!!!!!Maryanne xo


  2. Lily replied:

    Ran around all day too! Lovely photos…I am dreaming of new sheets as well!!



  3. Angela/ParisienneFarmgirl replied:

    OH! How fun to hear from you!!!! Thanks for your kind words about my sister’s shower!
    Parisienne Farmgirl


  4. designchic replied:

    Isn’t it so easy to start on the computer and look up and it’s 3 hours later and midnight…sleep well!!


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