the art of life

bonjour tout le monde! what’s happening in your universe? i hope your day was good and productive and that spring is in the air teasing you.  i had big plans to post tonight but came across this shot that i love on so many levels and had to just post it alone. i like the idea of taking a masterpiece and enlarging it to this extent. to live with such color, magnificence and grandeur by just covering one wall. and your room can be a mess and still look great! well i’m cutting out. early to bed c’est soir, can’t wait. bonne nuit!

image via

‘England’s Glemham Hall features 18th and 18th Century art pieces enlarged to cover the walls – This room features Portrait of Baroness James de Rothschild (1848) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.  Photographed by Tim Walker for W Magazine, April 2011.’

April 13, 2011. art, Decorating, Photography, Pink, postaday2011.


  1. starrydeborah replied:

    ohhh la la, tres wonderful!

  2. Smalltown Mom replied:

    She’s lovely.

  3. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    Now THIS is amazing! LOVE it and want it in my house!!

  4. Anthony replied:


  5. aliveincolorado replied:

    She captures my imagination. Such presence! Love it. I am decorating my humble little kitchen in Colorado with things that seem French Country to me. Come see!

  6. Heather replied:

    It is really quite wonderful….how do they do it?

  7. merillion replied:

    And her face just tells you that she’s thinking of something delightful!

  8. magpie replied:

    Her complexion is divine. And, no doubt, true to life! Maybe it was not just rumor that the ladies of the 18th century bathed in milk.

  9. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    This image is amazing!!!!


    Fantastique !

    fay x

  11. Acquired Objects replied:

    While I don’t think I could live with the fair lady she certainly makes a statement in that room!

  12. Carina replied:

    Wow! Beautiful indeed.

  13. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    That would be amazing to have on a wall, so grand and beautiful!! Love it xx

  14. Lelanie replied:

    Wow! That is truly beautiful. I love the use of proportion. And the nude scheme… simply stunning!

  15. Naomi replied:

    I just found your blog today. I loved the pictures on the posts. Now it is already late and I had to tell myself I need to stop and go sleep.

    All my nice vibs for you and congratulations for your lovely blog.

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