no rhyme or reason

bon soir and happy weekend!

it’s the stroke of midnight and i can’t stay. no more midnite postings, this is the last one! from now on i’m gonna blog in the day, when i can really enjoy it!

the image below is by richard of eye prefer paris. the spring flowers are in bloom.

i gotta jet,  have a great night, more manana!

April 9, 2011. Flowers, postaday2011.


  1. Lily replied:

    Love love love those flowers !! Stunning.



  2. Maca Martinez replied:

    Hahahaha what a “wirelicious” idea! Loved it! XoXo


  3. beverley christenson replied:

    Magnificent flowers aand colour Beverley xxx


  4. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Those are some of my most favourite flowers in the world, just beautiful!! Get some rest dear & have a lush weekend xx


  5. Carla replied:

    Hi Claudia thanks for the lovely spring post in Paris.. The city really is incredible and you hVe to see the tulips in the Luxembourg gardens.. Carla xx


  6. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Some people are “wired” to be sooo creative! I love “thinking outside the box” ideas!


  7. Nicole at First House on the Right replied:

    You always have the loveliest photos of flowers on your blog! Nicolex


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