taking it down a notch

bonjour tous! çva? i’m about to wrap it up and dig in for a little dessert and down time. as i was about to post, i started finding tons pics i was about to let a blog free flow fly.  but just as i was starting to get nuts,  this ‘less’ sign appeared. (i got it from pinterest, if you created it please let me know so i can credit you).

i love the duality of it since i’m into less and more. anyway it slowed me down and yes, there’s a lot of inspiration out there, but unless you take it bit by bit, some of the details inevitably get lost.

i hope you like these botanicals as much as i did for  their contrast. digital images yet so abundant.  they’re immortalized by the unerring detail of a technical artist  who also captured the extravagant simplicity only nature can create.

Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Cabbage Rose, Two Tulips, a small Tortoiseshell Butterfly and yellow Meadow Ant 1802


ahh what i wouldn’t give to  inhale their essence~

well all have a delightful night full of peace and love! sweet dreams!

April 7, 2011. Flowers, illustration, postaday2011, Typography.


  1. Vic replied:

    Beautiful. Thank you for the connection. I love your blog. Vic


  2. the paris apartment replied:

    thank you, i just discovered yours too and love it, can’t wait to explore…


  3. Fleur de Bee replied:

    We must be on the same wavelength Claudia! I was blogging yesterday and was going to share photos of my recent trip (there are over 1000!) and decided to post the flowers I had arranged and make it “Less”. How beautiful the roses are here too…as always! x-Molly


  4. Karena replied:

    Claudia, gorgeous, my mother always has tons of peonies!

    I adore tulips!!

    Art by Karena


  5. the paris apartment replied:

    me too. my mom always had lily of the valley and violets.


  6. Lily replied:

    Love the less sign ! And beautiful photos…peonies are my fav !



  7. beverley christenson replied:

    Those roses are to die for Claudia xxx Beverley


  8. Vicki Archer replied:

    Such beautiful images today Claudia…..xv


  9. Stéphanie replied:

    I adore those illustrations !


  10. Style Maniac replied:

    Less … is more. Love how the illustrator is playing around with that idea on different levels. Plus it’s somehow very calming.


  11. Kathy Buchanan replied:

    Love the beautiful floral images they are so timeless…
    I love using these vintage images for cards and Mothers Day it right around the corner~Thank you for sharing



  12. barbara southerland replied:

    i love the flowers. the images are gorgeous. they make me want to get out my camera and photograph my roses once they are in bloom. thank you for a fabulous treat.
    best regards,
    b. southerland


  13. OtterMei replied:

    English Roses are certainly the best! Beautiful paintings.


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