saturday morning scrapbook

happy saturday! it’s pretty early and i’m just messing around on my computer since crashing at like 9pm last night. just going thru some pics looking for inspiration for the new casa.

it’s going to be beachy but of course i can’t resist my frenchy foufou

i love this collection of opaque/transparent marble and alabaster

there may be lucite

definitely looking forward to being crazy organized

and setting up  lots of nooks and niches

and shelves, shelves shelves!

these just some pretty bedroom ideas. i have absolutely no furniture at all.  now i see why everyone stresses over choosing the right sofa.

the bath isn’t marble but it is all white

and it’s about the details anyway

did i mention getting organized? check. did i mention shelves?

mostly i want to live outside so hopefully this last shot will be the closest to the truth!

the building is allowing tennants to remove the wall to wall and put our own floors so i’m doing wide white-washed wook planks. more  once i get the keys.

have a great saturday, i better quit goofing off!

hi guys! i just wanted to pop back and show you the chairs up on ebay right now cause i know you’ll appreciate them!

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just woke up

hey guys, how was your week? it feels like forever since i’ve been here. guess it’s been one of those crazy weeks where everything started blurring together.  if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know i’m in miami beach and though i tried to live by the sea here and there, it never was quite right. till today. mes amis, times have officially changed.  i took the plunge and decided not to wait for anyone to move with me, make it happen or blame. so i’m thrilled to say i took a place of my own and can’t wait to move in next week! it’s a new lease on life and i’mlooking forward to the future instead of loathing my home. and i can have guests, what a concept! i’ll share more pics once it gets going, but the one below is really all that matters n’est pas?  more soon. have  great night!

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keeping my word

hi guys, comment toutes les choses c’est soir? it’s been pretty hectic around here. getting stuff done and trying to organize, strategize and prioritize. tonight it’s another early shut down. this is just a quick hello and also a nod to those who were searching ‘dressing rooms that look like boutiques’.  anyway i vowed 10 pm. signing off~have a great night mes amis!

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