making a mark on a clean white page

happy friday!

i hope all is well in your world. if you have an internet connection then i daresay all is ok. with all that’s going on, it doesn’t take much to feel really lucky for what we have.

i’ve been reassessing  the future and indulging in enjoying a new perspective of not taking it all so hard.  i came across a sketchbook challenge tonight (don’t worry, I’m not attempting it)! and it got me thinking about organizing my millions of cards and what-nots into some kind of cohesive scrapbook.

my parents still have my scrapbooks from childhood. it was an obsession at the time that i loved doing with my neighborhood friends.

these pages are so full of life and information. i want to be this creative, it’s fun!

do you have unused scrapbooks? i must have 20.

maybe carrying it at all times would be helpful so you can create at will

or is it better to have a desk where creating a page is special and precise

looks like jolly good fun and lord knows i have stuff. i’m sure you do too. should we have our own little challenge? i bet your pages would be pretty!

i love the above

well all of them actually

i guess i’m still a bit obsessed with scrapbooks and journals. there’s something so wonderfully intimate about reading and sharing it.

below is a genius little printer for the girl on the go!

ok well, it’s officially time for some downtime so good night and great dreams!

March 26, 2011. postaday2011, Sketchbook Challenge.


  1. Katharine replied:

    I Absoultely Like It!


  2. casapinka replied:

    Love this post – love to see how others track their inspirations. And that printer – so glad to know about it.


  3. Lelanie replied:

    I can totally relate to a notebook and journal obsession. I have kept journals since I was 10 years old. I have a whole box of them. I still hoard notebooks, pictures and treasure. It’s an inexplicable quirk :)

    If not, why not? It’s the small thing in life that bring us joy!


  4. Debbi replied:

    Oh, do make us a challenge! I could use the impetus! Not now. Later! After you recover! Gorgeous display by the way. I loved it!


  5. Nicole at First House on the Right replied:

    Love it, what a great collection! That printer is fantastic! Nicolex


  6. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I have fashion scrapbook I made when I was a teenager. It’s starting to “yellow” so I really need to re-do it before it’s too late. It’s so wonderful that you still have your old scrapbooks, what a source of inspiration they must be.
    Have a fabulous day!


  7. For the weekend: A little of everything replied:

    This post at The Paris Apartment, which is my little internet escape hatch. I love paper!


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