the beginning of the end

happy sunday everyone. i had big plans to blog about the AD show and took a ton of pics but reality has set in. i’m officially beyond able to do anything but show up for the show and finish up. it’s been 9pm bedtime calls and 7am morning calls but still utter exhaustion.

these flowers were from the wholesale district the other day and are the only pics on my phone that seem remotely interesting. as for the show, there was plenty of hardware and ovens and a contest and lectures, and  it was a great experience but i couldn’t be happier it’s over today.

thanks to all of you who came by either in person or the blog, you make everything more fun! we start to break down tonight and into tomorrow thank god cause it was either the booth or me! i’m a bit of a brat who hates having a set schedule and actually better boogie to get there now, it’s almost time to open. have a fantastic weekend enjoying your freedom to do whatever you want and if you’re here please stop by #241 for some champagne!

March 20, 2011. Architectural Digest Show, postaday2011.


  1. yvonne replied:

    I used to get the Architectural Digest every month in the
    70-80-90 . Then the magazine changed to almost all advertizing and a new group of design came in that
    didn’t seem to be as elegant. I loved your Magazine.



    LOVE Rununculas! thankyou
    Well done with the show
    fay x


  3. beadboardupcountry replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Hope you are enjlying yourself at the show and not over working…….I also hope people are “getting” your presentation……. the flowers are gorgeous……. Love things with an abundance of petals!Maryanne xo


  4. Tamra/The Gilded Barn replied:

    Those flowers are stunning!! Beautiful picture.


  5. joseph replied:

    Hi Love, Your booth is GORGEOUS! I love the French Doors, where on earth did you find them, taken right off a Parisienne Maison, I mean MANSION?

    Keep the faith and hurry home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. magpie replied:

    Believe me, I don’t judge. I abhor set schedules! In fact, if I had it my way, all of the business of my day would be conducted right from my bed.


  7. Acquired Objects replied:

    That picture is stunning!!! I hope the show was everything you hoped for, get some rest!


  8. Cynthia replied:

    Those ARE lovely flowers – and I can image how pooped you must be. I saw your post showing the set up for the show and that just blew me away. Was yours the most gorgeous exhibit? It must have been one of the top ten! : )))


  9. Sandra replied:

    Beautiful flowers; enjoy your blog!


  10. replied:

    l know you’re exhausted…. but it all sounds so amazingly exciting and glamorous to me in my neck little of the woods.


  11. OtterMei replied:

    I just found your blog, and I must say I was thrilled with the show! Absolutely love the decor! (Not to mention your shoes…) I’ve always been so fond of romantic, Paris-inspired decorating, and I look forward to seeing all you have.

    And I too love rununculus. Such an unusual flower.



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