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hi all, how was your monday monday?  i just want to thank you for your sweet support. having you is a gift i cherish!

well i ran around all day and am finally able to get an internet connection and am uber tired.  with technology you’re in one minute and out the next so i best get to stepping between fritzing out!

so much happened today, just going through all the pics is ridiculous. i’m making an executive decision to only talk about one thing tonite and never would have guessed it, but the topic is, of all things…hardware! i went to ‘old good things’ to get something for the doors in the booth and just fell in love! i could really get into the hinges and locks, push plates and keyholes. not to mention they salvaged a ton from the plaza hotel, like these doorknobs.

and tassles

french moderne, so chic! so of course i invited them to come to the show and put some pieces in the booth!

tomorrow i’ll go pick out some stuff and lorraine is letting me pillage her gorgeous treasure chest too. it’s getting to the wire and i’m totally winging it.  on one hand i’m worried and on the other want to believe it will be ok. and i thought it was gonna be easy.

setup starts tomorrow. sleeps starts now. bonne nuit!

March 15, 2011. Door Hardware, postaday2011.


  1. Antonia at Swedish Love Affair replied:

    I know what you mean. I wouldn’t survive without the internet!


  2. the paris apartment replied:

    i know what you mean. i’ve been thinking about japan, a society that practically invented technology, being without it right now!


  3. Jennelise replied:

    I love old hardware! It is so beautiful and extremely hard to find where I live. I have to settle for quality reproductions. These are beautiful!


  4. classiq replied:

    I love this old hardware. It would look so beautiful on simple, white doors, a bit of mixing of old and new.


  5. Lily replied:

    Looks like some great finds ! Good luck !!



  6. Debbie replied:

    So…I’m a little late but I just had to comment on this lovely post! You could not have made me leave this store…seriously gorgeous hardware (The Plaza door knobs) I’m swooning!! Much Luck…I’m sure your booth will be beautiful!!


  7. Stéphanie replied:

    That’s beautiful !


  8. merillion replied:

    interesting! I especially love old keys, locks. But those doorknobs look pretty good, too!
    Hope everything goes really well for you.


  9. jade replied:

    Oooh…all this gorgeous hardware is kinda intoxicating to look at (and imagine as replacements for my current doorknobs and such)!


  10. Sara replied:

    Love the old brass hardware! Little details really make a big difference!


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