sunday in the city

happy sunday to you! it’s a beautiful day in nyc and i’m in and out between the the local diner and strolls through the park. we’re pretty chill cause starting tomorrow it’s full steam ahead.  more than anything i want to have fun and enjoy it and not stress out over anything. i’m running around with claudia deux tomorrow and liz comes tuesday. in the meantime i’m finding accessories around the loft to bring to the show and came across this lucite laptop  rest which was stashed away for years. guess timing is everything, it suddenly seems relevant. i’m using it now and my legs are nice and cool for once!

well i have to dash but wanted to wish you a long afternoon languishing. hope it’s sunny where you are even if you’re inside!

March 13, 2011. Life, postaday2011.


  1. Antonia at Swedish Love Affair replied:

    Happy Sunday to you too! (even though it’s almost finished here)
    I just found your blog and I find it very pretty<3

    Kind wishes,


  2. Beth replied:

    Happy Sunday! xoxo Beth


  3. Lily replied:

    Happy Sunday !! Enjoy your beautiful day in NY and relax !

    xo Lily


  4. Acquired Objects replied:

    Happy Sunday Claudia and I’ll be in NYC on Tuesday!


  5. hamptontoes replied:

    Enjoy your visit to NYC!


  6. Bonjour ROmance replied:

    Enjoy the calm before the storm…sending a big bonjour to Claudia Deux, and best of luck at the show!!


  7. Linda replied:

    I’ll be attending the show in NYC. Where will you be exhibiting? Can’t wait to see you and the paris apartment IRL!


  8. maryum replied:

    I never visited paris before,but would love to go


  9. budget hotels in liverpool replied:

    very nice pics and paris is no doubt beautiful city


  10. A Bowl Of Mush replied:

    Enjoy NYC!

    P.S, where is your laptop stand from?


  11. Jean replied:

    Can’t wait for the show! We’ll all be there.


  12. beverley christenson replied:

    Would love to be there, sigh/// but never mind, will hear about it i am sure best wishes from Beverley xxx


  13. SizzleandZoom replied:

    I’ve nominated you with the “Stylish Blog Award”. Drop
    by my blog to take a look.


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