ladybugs and daisies

(image via weheartit)

you have to admire the precision the ladybug has for her target. i’m going to use her as a role model and try to tap into her focus.

allo all, how’s votre vie? it’s been a full couple of days and while i was supposed to be wrapping up loose ends for the show, have actually been taking more on at the last minute.  since joseph is opening a store i couldn’t resist turning him on to some of my treasure troves down here. in turn he’s taking me to his woodworker, lacquerer, nickel plater, fabric stores and well, anything else we can fit into the day. i have to apologize for these horrible pics, my phone is  fickle and didn’t want to play today. we hit a shop down south that i haven’t been to for at least 5 years called architectural antiques. i remembered vividly  that they’d  had an insane pair of french doors that for some reason stuck with me all these years.  imagine my surprise when they were still there when we showed up today!

they have incredible but totally random stuff. note the dinosaur head on the upper left.

it’s  filled with everything from ancient vellum books to enormous antique hotel chandeliers.

they took a while to find but were still as beautiful as i remembered. but they’ve started to show a lot of age and damage on the top and bottoms. i figured it was probably too much to fix them for the show, i’m leaving for new york on saturday and the trucker is picking everything up the day after tomorrow.

BUT joseph thought his guys could restore them so it so i threw caution to the wind and claimed them then and there. we stuffed the car with last minute pickups and headed to the woodworker who said guess what…no problem, he’s going to have them ready tomorrow afternoon!

who does that?

needless to say i’m thrilled and amazed. both by the local talent in miami and the willingness people have to  help each other out when they know it’s crunch time.

well, it’s been an action packed day so i think tonight will be the ‘early to bed early to rise’  kind and i can’t wait to hit my favorite  pillow.  i’ll look for you in the stars!

March 10, 2011. Architectural Digest Show, Architectural Elements, postaday2011.


  1. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Those doors are amazing!! I would have picked them up smart!! I love the shop and how everything is just put together, Id be in there for hours :)) Have a sweet day!! xx



    Fabulous post !! LOVE EVERYTHING the ladybird is exquisite and WHAT A find in the doos love placed like that whta fun Fay xxx


  3. Acquired Objects replied:

    I love those doors! The detail on them is stunning! I would love to know how people fix water damage but if they can do it fantistic!


  4. Tina replied:

    Amazing doors–can’t wait to see how you use them in your display!


  5. beadboardupcountry replied:

    Don’t blame em those doors are gorgeous. Wonderful buy. Maryanne xo


  6. Hannah replied:

    LOVE the doors! A little bit of paint would make a world of difference. Great find!

    xoxo Hannah


  7. Henry Drake replied:

    The Vintage feel is perfect for my Settler’s Pointe apartment.


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