bundles of bliss

bon soir! i hope all is well with you. i’ve been working to get ready for the show and can’t wait to start honing in on fun details like flowers. yesterday got me in the mood and now i want to think about the arrangements and vignettes since the walls, floors, furniture and lighting is basically ready.

actually anything looks great as long as flowers are involved. books too. but there is an art to it. flower arranging 101. i look at these shots and try to  learn so much from these brilliant stylists and photographers, not to mention the artful arrangers.

(all images from pinterest)


we’ll go to the wholesale flower district in the city on west 28th street between 6th and 7th avenues and load up. if you’re in the city it’s definitely a great place to check out.

i guess i went a little overboard gathering inspiration pics but it’s good to have a lot to mull over.  don’t you love having  un  fleur by the bed even if it’s something tiny?

well i hope you have a night of sweet scented dreams and may flower petals paint your cheeks as you drift off…night!

March 9, 2011. Flowers, postaday2011.


  1. Chatelaine replied:

    Lovely seletion of flowers. I love the idea of using old tins as vases. I have some nice tea tins that will be adorable for this purpose!

    Your post is making me hunger for Spring. Seems so far away here in New England.


  2. the paris apartment replied:

    Hi Chatelaine! I hope spring comes soon for you and everyone who had such a brutal winter! the only thing we know in life is that it will come!


  3. beverley christenson replied:

    Claudia not just the flowers are lovely but the containers are inspiring too, cant wait to see your setup at your show, in antisapation Beverley xxx


  4. merillion replied:

    “…un fleur by the bed even if it’s something tiny?”
    Sounds like a great idea!
    Delicious-looking post.


  5. Iris replied:

    How lovely…there is nothing like pretty blooms to brighten up a day :-) Can’t wait for Spring.


  6. Vicki Archer replied:

    Gorgeous Claudia….I love the first image and have chosen it as my daily click…..Good luck with the show….xv


  7. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    I feel a lift when I walk into my house or somewhere else and there is pretty flowers everywhere. I just love seeing them, if I had my way everyone would have them all over..well those not allergic ;) The flowers next to the old books are my favourite, not sure why, but it just works for me!! Wish you a sweet and flowery day!! xxx



    Hi Claudia wow they are all really beautiful for me to start the day . its true eevn a single flower in a pretty bottle is beautitful to behold thankyou the single country flowers in a a variety of bottles is so etheral and inspiring fay xx


  9. Edwynna Adams replied:

    Absolutely beautiful! The styling is stunning … I especially love your closing paragraph xx


  10. annawithlove replied:

    absolutely adore peonies.


  11. Paula replied:

    Your blog pictures are such blessings to me. They brighten my day!


  12. Becky Wierzbicki replied:

    Your flower arrangements are gorgeous…so creative and beautiful. You treat your flowers like guests in your home.


  13. Bonjour Romance replied:

    I jsut came back with some fresh flowers, now I’m off to find some unique containers. The first photos is so lovely. I believe yous show is coming up soon – Bonne Chance!


  14. Jean replied:

    Oh, those are all so pretty. Flowers are the perfect finishing touch. Can’t wait for the show!


  15. hamptontoes replied:

    All of the images are soothing, gorgeous and so beautiful!


  16. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    Sadly, floral arranging is not my thing, but these photos make me want to keep trying! I usually add single blooms to small vases around the house beacause it’s so easy :)
    Have a fabulous day!


  17. Julia replied:

    I love the flower pictures!
    What kind of camera do you use? Do you use a photo editor program?


  18. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Love all the flower shots, but love your sweet goodnight send-off! Lovely lovely!


  19. miranda replied:

    What a wooonderfully, charming name to call them! “Bundles of bliss?” I have never heard of a more accurate description of flowers. They’re perfectly feminine and never fail to brighten me up.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  20. the paris apartment replied:

    hi gang, i love how flowers bring out the girly girl in all of us and each of your sweet notes is like a rose to me! how did i get so lucky to have you?


  21. Mandy (à la parisienne) replied:

    These floral arrangements are beautiful. I love asymmetrical floral arrangements with long leafy branches or feathers draping off to one side. Now, I am wishing I lived near a fresh flower market to create a few of these on my own. I guess I’ll have to wait for my own flowers to blossom this spring.

    Keep us posted on your show progress.



  22. Rose replied:

    So glad to have found your site – it’s beautiful. Thank you for caring!
    Rose x


  23. Rose replied:

    Look forward to lots of inspiration!


  24. Rose replied:

    Look forward to lots of inspiration.
    Thank you for caring about beauty!
    Rose x


  25. Crystal replied:

    What an inspiring post!
    The images make me think of new patterns for interior design and for new jewelery.
    Mother nature can help us all out so much.
    (Love Miami xoxo)


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