i can promise you a rose garden

..or any other kind of flower garden! they’re all  here for the magnificent picking, even if only in 2d on a laptop. but sometimes the image is as strong as the real thing, especially with all the incredible photographers out there capturing their beauty.

(all images via pinterest)

i put this group of flowers together after my yoga teacher had us imagine putting our faces into our favorite flower or bouquet while breathing deep.


my faves are peonies but i’m a sucker for ranunculus too. in class i could feel their cool petals and smell the freshness only flowers deliver. he said it was a good way to stop and calm down too, using the imagery and memory of our favorite flowers smooshed in our face. (maybe i added the smooshed part but i’m passionate  :)

i’ve been playing with it all day and should make sure to get something for the house tomorrow. nothing beats the real thing and it only takes one flower to make major magic.

bonne nuit!

March 8, 2011. Flowers.


  1. Robin replied:

    Wow what beautiful colors…perfect flowers. I could almost smell them. They made me smile. Thank You !


  2. ROSALIE replied:

    I love the photos. They put me in a very ethereal mood.
    Thank you so much.



    oohhhhhhhhhh i agree they are so fragile and exqusite Roses are divine but the final Rununcula is beyond words thankyouuuuu fay xxx


  4. Wendy replied:

    Gorgeous, like the opening of My Fair Lady …


  5. terren replied:

    thank you! i could actually smell those roses =)


  6. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Just love flowers..can’t wait until they pop out here everywhere!! Peonies are my favourites :))))


  7. ze courlis replied:

    magnifiques, ces pivoines …


  8. myfrenchawakening replied:

    Divine images. Yoga teachers do inspire that calming meditative pink I love. Best Wishes, Therese


  9. MotherLodeBeth replied:

    Whomever did the photography did an excellent job. Love the various photos that show such a variety of pink hues and different flowers. Inspires me to do a pink wall in my cottage.


  10. Acquired Objects replied:

    These images are fabulous and I can’t wait for spring!!!!


  11. Style Maniac replied:

    I can almost smell the lovely fragrance!
    So pretty … and we love all the same flowers.


  12. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    Woo hoo! Pink roses are my favorite flower! Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos with us. I can’t wait for my Crepe Myrtle trees to bloom (they are pink :)
    Have a fabulous day!


  13. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!


  14. beverley christenson replied:

    Inspired me to do swabs on a pair of bedroom chairs in pink roses I will send you a photo when finished. Chairs are covered in pink and white spot.
    Beverley xxx


  15. Nicole at The Princess & The Pea replied:

    These are so images are delightful, just love them! Nicolex


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