the sounds of silence

sometimes you need to recharge and this is my weekend to do just that. we shot at joseph’s all day and although i ‘should’ edit the pics,  it’s time to unwind. plus  i have the place to myself, loving the many sounds in the silence and knowing there’s nothing i have to do!

i hope you’re getting some downtime in between ruling and running your world. so i’m out for tonight, happy saturday to you!

March 6, 2011. Life.


  1. laura replied:

    omg that is cute.


  2. Julia replied:

    I’m about to fall asleep on my iBook. LOL.


  3. Acquired Objects replied:

    That is a tiny dog but so cute. If my dog did that on my laptop I wouldn’t be able to see my computer! Happy Weekend!


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    That is the most precious picture I have ever seen. Such an adorable dog.
    Have a great Sunday, Claudia.


  5. beverley christenson replied:

    Dear Claudia, my dear friend Jo Walker from desiretoispire is so clever and a very inventive designer and artist and has a fantastic eye for the unusual. Jo and I worked together for a few years and she is a ball of fun. Your kinda girl Beverley


  6. MotherLodeBeth replied:

    Teacup Chihuahua’s are the perfect dog for small spaces.Love the photo. Am also reminded why Paris, San Francisco, NYC are great cities, because you can stay indoors and zone out, or when the mood strikes, enjoy the culture and energy the city has to offer.


    • MotherLodeBeth replied:

      Also wanted to note I admire anyone who has such a clean white computer.


  7. samzey replied:

    tired like me :P, smart dog :),


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