i want what he’s having

(image via thatkindofwoman.tumblr.com)

deep, impenetrable, rejuvenating sleep. before midnight!

happy friday, everyone. i’m thrilled to say nothing at all but sweet dreams and i hope your friday is fab.  have a great weekend  and see you in the stars!

March 5, 2011. Life.


  1. Vanessa Elizabeth replied:

    I adore French Bulldogs and this photo! Can’t wait to catch some sleep tomorrow morning.


  2. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    I wish I could sleep like that, I could do with some deep sleep!! I’m all for naps at the moment, hehe! Have a great weekend! xx


  3. meg manion silliker replied:

    sometimes i want to check myself into a lovely hotel with luxurious sheets and i can pull the shades and darken the room and just sleep oh how i dream of that!! xo


  4. sundaygirl24 replied:

    OH!!! Too cute Claudia! I want him! And sleep! lol xx


  5. Fabulous FInds Studio replied:

    Looks just like my youngest sister’s dog, Miss Cora! French Bulldogs rock!
    I got to “sleep in” this beautiful Saturday morning, I hope you did, too :)


  6. Amy replied:

    Oh me too! Stuck working on a Saturday and I most definitely wish I was rolled up in bed with my honey. :) Have a great weekend Claudia!


  7. isa replied:

    So, so, so cute. I’ll take a helping, too!
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Claudia!
    xo isa


  8. Julia replied:

    Makes me want to sleep.
    Going to go take a nap.


  9. House of Jammi replied:

    What a truly wonderful photo, I love it!


  10. Michael replied:

    Oh, if only I didn’t have two papers to write, I’d be doing exactly what he’s doing! What a cute dog…if only I could have a little one in my dorm!! :) MademoiselleMichael


  11. sigal replied:

    i do too.


  12. Weekend Winners ~ 9 replied:

    […] Pure bliss. […]


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