you can do anything, but not everything

(photo via sid_black)

i had such a good time with last night’s post that of course i wanted to do it again but alas, my connection is like an escargot traveling backwards tonight. anyway it’s taking the joy out of it so suffice it to say it’s quitting time.  i can take a hint and am beyond sleepy. i think i’ll cut out early and curl up with a good book.

i hope you’re having a great night technologically and/or with the ones you love. more tomorrow, it’s lights out pour moi c’est soir!

ps i found the title quote on pinterest, not sure where it originated from but it sure resonated with me tonight.bonne nuit~

March 3, 2011. Living.


  1. merillion replied:

    I love your blog, and love the way you write.
    And I like the “escargot” traveling backwards. That snail is me! Actually my husband says I’m like a snail swimming upstream in a river of molasses. I am slow!

    In today’s jargon, it would be hard for anyone to “bring me up to speed” on anything. :)


  2. Virginia Smith replied:

    the story of my life!…and time is quickly running out so I have to pick and choose carefully. You have been inspiring my photography by the way. Take a peek at a preview of what I will be uploading soon totally inspired by your posts…


  3. kimberly Poloson replied:

    Hi Fellow Snail’s Im afraid when it come’s to snail’s I’m the original Penellope of snails.I really love your blog, I went to bed with all those wonderful images in my head. which I think honestly attributed to my most wonderful dream of a sky filled with Master’s painting’s. I have no blog yet, but working toward that goal.


  4. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Love the last picture, so true. I am learning this quick. I am 31 weeks pregnant & trying to do everything & I just can’t because I am so tired, even though I know things must get done. I just have to relax and put my feet up and know things will get done in time :)) Have a sweet day!! xx


  5. Splendid Sass replied:

    Love this quote, Claudia.
    Have a nice day!


  6. pamela replied:

    What?? I can’t do EVERYTHING?
    Now you tell me.


  7. Acquired Objects replied:

    What a wonderful quote and so true!


  8. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Lovin’ the quote! xo


  9. Dad replied:

    The Techno Fairy was trying to tell you to get more sleep after your previous blog’s “I could do this all night.”


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