the ultimate altar

hey guys, happy monday. i’ve been goofing around tonight collecting pics, you know how we do! i love pinning cause it gets me out of my head and into a fantasy frame of mind.  tonight i honed in the vanity.

the variety of vanities is as varied as anything else, but somehow it’s a little more personal. where else can you claim complete domain over your territory and have a place where everything you use each day is where you left it? (don’t forget this is a fantasy)!

some are extravagant, but they can be as bohemian as they are luxe

it’s a place to call your very own. a world unto itself, completely self sufficient requiring only a chair, table and mirror.

each is as individual as the woman who runs it

yes it’s a luxury but an easy one to fit into any boudoir.

in fact, let’s face it, what’s a boudoir without one?

it’s a tranquil place to  start each day.

i hope to get a flat surface myself one day soon

this one was made from an old frame below:

oooh these photogs, i could eat them up!

choosing the right style is the trickiest part. till then, a mirror and table will do, it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling and every little addition is like a little piece of artwork being added to a beautiful living sculpture!

what starts out the same becomes completely different depending on the gal. but one thing’s for sure, it’s your very own universe and something you really don’t share, unlike anyplace else in the house and that’s kind of sacred.

well the clock is striking midnight so that’s my cue. more tomorrow,  bonne nuit!

March 1, 2011. Vanities.


  1. Karena replied:

    Fabulous images and something for every woman!!
    A vanity is a must for every fashionista!

    I have an Artful Offering and great interview on my site.You will love it!

    Art by Karena


  2. Bonjour Romance replied:

    What a marvelous collection – I am in love with that grey skirted number with all that delicious wood icing on the closets frames!
    Bonne journéé,


  3. boganhater replied:

    gorgeous, I need a vanity!


  4. Acquired Objects replied:

    I wish I had the time for a vanity, well time to sit there and leasurely put on makeup, mine is more rush in slap on and run out. Lovely post.


  5. Lanternativa replied:

    Even though I’m nobody I must say that I absolutely love your blog! <3

    Thank you.


  6. Tina replied:

    Such lush photos–thanks for including us in your fantasy world–it’s a fabulous place! I can’t wait until Pinterest becomes a public site!


  7. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I could never choose just one, all of them are so divine! I had a lovely dressing table when I was a teenager and I wish I still owned it. Currently I have a built in make-up area in my master bath and it doesn’t compare.
    Have a fabulous day!


  8. Cynthia replied:

    I always enjoy visiting your blog, Claudia – these vanities inspire me to powder, perfume, and delight in preparing for the day or calling it a night.


  9. Pamela replied:

    fabulous blog!!!!!!!!
    I get my Paris fix everyday..thank you!

    Pamela xo


  10. five things « coffee and debussy replied:

    […] 5. i stumbled across this mirrored dressing table while looking for apartment-decorating ideas. i’m sort of in love with it. i’m thinking a vintage furniture shop is my best bet for finding something like it. photo from the paris apartment […]


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