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bon soir tous! i hope you’re enjoying a peaceful night.

i’d like to introduce you to one of my beloved muses, haleigh of making magique. we are  kind of like kindred spirits. ok exactly like kindred spirits. we met briefly in paris and didn’t get a chance to chat but knew each other in a flash. tonight i went to visit chez elle en paris to get a  french fix and some fresh air.

haleigh is so much fun to hang out with even if just on her blog. she’s got sensational photo skills and her apartment is a glorious work in progress. she just moved paris apartments and is taking us along.

when she visits museums she gets the shot i always tried capture.

she’s uber girly

and appreciates vintage powder puffs!

she takes the time to document her beautiful reality with still life shots and self portraits.

oh and she  twirls in gardens

and makes a great exit

haleigh sees beauty everywhere and she’s capturing  and sharing it. it would be nice to do a little more capturing the beauty of daily life.

i could go on with more photos but am officially calling it a night. sweet dreams!

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the stuff of dreams


bonjour guys. i have about 30 seconds left in me. i’m about to shut down and shuffle off to the other side. i’ve been having internet drama all night and it wore me out. heading to another galaxy to recharge. hope to see you there!

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i never would have done it


bonjour mes amis,  ça va c’est soir?
i hope you’re safe and sound in your own world, enjoying some time to yourself as you read this. i’m thinking about everyone who’s been displaced in japan and so grateful for the status quo and life as we know it.

i’ve mentioned before that i don’t think about posting till it’s time to write but today someone asked me to write about (of all things)!  kitchens.


now, we all have a kitchen but over the years my focus has been pretty much everywhere but. the salon, the boudoir, salle de bain, dressing room, suites, guest rooms, even offices…anything but the boring kitchen. but as i was going through pics i’ve been saving, i realized that the kitchen is a place i’ve been secretly loving for years and forgot all about in decorating.


my parents put an island and giant hotel pot rack in their kitchen in the 70s and it still looks fresh. today islands are de rigeur and i love this one in reclaimed wood. my grandmother’s kitchen table was the place to be for good tea and talk growing up. i remember she had plaques on her wall with great sayings like ‘explain not, friends don’t expect it and enemies won’t believe it’ and ‘god couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers’. it had red counter tops and always something brewing. and i loved to hang out and listen to everyone’s dramatic stories.


if i could have a dream kitchen, i guess it would have a lot of rustic touches like farm cabinets and a harvest table.


and i’d bust out the good hand towels



and start collecting white jars


it doesn’t take much to change a small counter top. i always wonder why they always rip out full kitchens on the home deco shows when it’s the one room that’s easy to tweak with paint and butcher block.

pin 6366101

oh and great appliances probably do help. guess like any other room it’s all in the details.


but this didn’t take much



of course there’s a part of me that loves clean, fresh and modern so i’m totally torn



country mouse or city mouse


a little bit of marble


and sunshine. the great thing about a kitchen is that it doesn’t have to be big to be fabulous


as long as there’s a table for two and a friend to share it with. maybe i’ll cook tomorrow.

well, i’m off. have a great night, this kitchen is closed!


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