every girls’ dilema

hi dear friends! it’s a lovely night and i decided to free flow in keeping with the fun and lightness of my rediscovered passion for blogging. i love the playful way things come together when you’re just goofing around.

tonite’s roundup posed what are probably unanswerable questions, as old as time.

why do women always say we have nothing to wear? aren’t we constantly shopping? don’t we agonize over ever angle before we say yes to the dress?

is it a human condition or just women…

we have so many pretty things to choose from

they say what you wear is an expression of ourselves. obvious but it’s so easy to run out in sweats.

would it be worth it to clear out a little and curate the closet a bit? i think i may have to do that. keep the best of the best and donate the rest.

well it’s time to pick something so…

looks like tonight’s winner is a nightie! gotta run, sweet dreams!

ps all pics from pinterest.com/parisapartment

February 23, 2011. Fashion, Living, Photography.


  1. kerington replied:

    love ur blog so so much i followed u on twitter
    please check out my blog

    or my facebook page
    thanks :))


  2. Amber replied:

    It’s TOO easy to run out in sweats! :(

    And, I want every little cream coloured little lovely in that last picture! Just beautiful!


  3. Karena replied:

    I try to think I may run into someone i haven’t seen for some time; & want to look “together”!

    Art by Karena


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    Such a pretty post, Claudia.


  5. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    Ahhhh…lovely…now I can go to sleep and dream of pretty things. Night night.


  6. Judith replied:

    Claudia!!!! These images are GORGEOUS!!! You have inspired me to keep the best and toss the rest. Tomorrow I will start my closet revamp!
    Have a great week Doll!


  7. Kirin replied:

    I’m going to curate my closet for the rest of my life. What a delightful idea! Thank you!


  8. Vicki Archer replied:

    So cute Claudia…..since when does having things to wear….mean we have something to wear….That is the joy of being female ;)…. xv


  9. renee finberg replied:

    the tiny jewel box on the tray….
    my grandma had one exactly like it.
    and now i own it.!!!!!

    i love!!!


  10. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I guess we DO have something to wear but are just tired of what we have or are we overwhelmed because we have too much stuff? Not sure, but every time I say this to my husband he tells me to just “wear nothing”, ha ha. Sorry if that’s TMI, LOL!
    Have a fabulous day!


  11. SizzleandZoom replied:

    An adorable post!


  12. Making Magique replied:

    oh yay you included my little blue vanity picture! never when I took that did I foresee it would get so much mileage on the internet…I see it pop up everywhere here and there! you would love that little antique jewelry casque in the background…I had to fight someone for it at the antique store I was working in! But the seller liked me so much she hid it away for me and then gave me a discount. It is one of my MOST cherishes things.

    Always a joy to stop by for some visual inspiration…I have been averaging like two visits a day to your various digital locals for inspiration for decorating the new place. progress has been made and I just snapped up a white wood and silk louis xv bed…you know the demi courbeille style that are tufetted or as the frenchies say “capitoné!” …oh and a baby blue smeg refrigerator…but that’s about all I got so I am living on an air mattress in a big (well not that big actually) empty place with a couple furry rugs and my fridge…oh and all my shoes….

    Okay Claudia I am rambling so I will put an end to this before I write you a novel!

    Million bisoussssssssssssss


  13. Charlotte replied:

    Lost interest at “Aren’t we always shopping?”

    How can a woman this day in age actually make that statement? Wake up, woman!


    • Judith replied:

      My Mother always said…If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s because you are probably having your own issues :) Humanity needs a little bit more kindness, why don’t we try to spread happiness instead of bitterness and mean spirit?

      Claudia, your words and images are just beautiful.


  14. Write Girl replied:

    Beautiful closet. I love the nighties and lacy tops. I think we all have something to wear but we agonize over the perfect outfit. You cannot go wrong with the nightwear you picked out. Thanks for sharing.


  15. jswesner replied:

    Those images are beautiful. I love the girlishness of it all. Nothing makes me feel more feminine than putting on a lace pastel frock.


  16. The Dandelion Chronicles replied:

    I have just started curating my closet as you call it. Suddenly I found that I had tons of clothes that I didn’t even wanted to wear anymore, either I grew out of the style of it or its something that I have similar items of in better condition. So I’m cleaning out my closet and so far have managed to donate a huge bag of clothes and I’m only half way through!
    I did save a sweat for this project though ;)


  17. Khrystine replied:

    This inspired my own blog post if you would like to see it. I link over to you, let me know if that’s a problem.



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