the best laid plans

photo via flickr blackrose3485

funny that even with my specific goal of not blogging at the last minute,  it’s suddenly 11:45 pm.

guess ideas are just that if you don’t make them reality.

i’ll plan better tomorrow. tonight, dreamland! bonne nuit!

February 21, 2011. Dreams.


  1. Kate replied:

    New to this blog, and while I enjoy the photos, most of the blogs and comments are about the pains of blogging. Too negative for my taste, what does blog guilt have to do with Paris Apt? Perhaps nothing said would be better? or something enjoyable shared less often?
    Twice weekly or less without the guilt?
    Do ease up, and share the beauty you create.
    Best, Kate


    • the paris apartment replied:

      hi kate, you’re so right. sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see something. i guess i got into the challenge of the everyday. but what’s really the point? shouldn’t it be about joy?


  2. Dad replied:

    You have a couple of these luxurious feathers here awaiting lucky purchasers.
    About that blogging thing — just remember, “Tomorrow is another day!”


  3. the paris apartment replied:

    thanks dad, i have to get those!


  4. Jean Lopez replied:

    Beautiful example of Bokeh, Short DOF and backlit.


  5. Jean Lopez replied:

    Beautiful example of Bokeh, Shallow DOF and backlit.


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