palm beach loot

hey all, happy friday! it’s 10 pm and as usual, i’m packing it in after a crazy busy day. the daily grind was already enough and now with the show it’s like taking on another full time job. so we’ve been putting it together in our heads and on the fly. liz cleaned up our goodies from yesterday when hit world thrift just before it closed. it’s a place i’ve been to twice before and just didn’t go in cause i was sure it was junk. liz insisted we go in and we came out with serious vintage  collection for under $80 in 10 minutes!

not a chip on a single one.

and while i did paper work, liz busted out some ephemera that’s been tucked away and made these great mood board books for us at the show!

ok, time to curl up and watch a movie, bonne nuit!

February 19, 2011. Palm Beach Vintage.


  1. renee finberg replied:

    well….indeed you have been very busy.
    and quite a successful treasure hunt.


  2. Bonjour Romance replied:

    That’s usually how it works, lots of goodies when you least expect it.
    Happy weekend,


  3. Debbie replied:

    Wow Claudia…10 minutes and only $80. you girls are good and fast!!
    Wishes for a lovely weekend,


  4. Design Elements replied:

    really a successful treasure hunt…happy weekend!


  5. Acquired Objects replied:

    Great haul, love those brackets. Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Splendid Sass replied:

    Wow! Remind me to take you shopping with me! Great finds.
    Have a great weekend, Claudia.


  7. Write Girl replied:

    You’ve found some lovely treasure. I enjoyed your loot. I love those mood board books as well. Enjoy your weekend!!


  8. Cris replied:

    The picture at the end reminds me of the lovely set of letters you brought back from France at trip or two ago. What did you decide to do with them?


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