pink vs blue

hi guys, happy saturday! i spent the past hour surfing  and now and am late getting ready to go out.  but it was  almost worth giving up prep time for the eye candy on this delicious web.  well, almost! i have to run but these pics were calling to come out and play (credits on my boards at pinterest).

i’m having a love affair with both pink and blue at the moment, kind of feeling like they balance each other out and are the perfect complements.

here’s wishing you a wonderful, playful, restful, joyful and love filled weekend filled with pretty pinks and baby blues.


there seems to be some magic in the air as our country gears up to celebrate an entire day devoted to LoVe.

you gotta love that.  let’s enjoy it! have a great night!

February 13, 2011. Blue Interiors, flappers, Holidays, Photography, Pink.


  1. amy@maisondecor replied:

    I am in love with blue and pink too. My house is getting this new palette mixed with lots of white and grey and it does not disappoint. I loved the images of the aqua blue woodwork…so luscious.


  2. à la parisienne replied:

    You’re right this post is full of eye candy.
    Blush pink and aqua is one of my favorite color combinations.
    And I would gladly take that blue velvet settee.


  3. Debra Howard replied:

    I am having the same thing go on. Caught between pink and blue so I think we should keep both. They are so great together. They make the perfect couple.


  4. Robin replied:

    I’m a pink person who was having second thoughts after seeing the blue room and now seeing the pink….I’ll stay with my pink but find some pretty blues in accent with. I love looking at your photos. Always makes me smile :)


  5. Alma replied:

    I woke up and saw your wonderful photos!:P I’m sure I’ll have a better day now!


  6. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Blue is always my number one, makes me happy when things are blue! And I’ve come around to pink..the mix is just right with a bit of gold and stuff, just perfect!! These photos are lush!! Gives me lots of ideas :))) xx


  7. Pink……? | People Q&A ! replied:

    […] pink vs blue « the paris apartment Share: […]


  8. Dad replied:

    I always love your picture selections and wonder at the time and effort you put into your blog. I think a lot of folks, me included, look forward to it. Keep on bloggin’!


  9. Splendid Sass replied:

    Wow. So much pretty here. You have the most beautiful posts, Claudia.
    Have a great day.


  10. maureen replied:

    have fallen for pink recently and will grab blue on the way down…both such pretty colors…


  11. Mermaids of the Lake replied:

    I am swooning…….



  12. jade replied:

    Gorgeous images, Claudia!

    I love aqua/turquoise-y shades and the tiny silver horse atop the dinner plate is wonderful. Once, I left a toy deer alongside the tip at a restaurant for our nice waitress.

    xoxo- Jade


  13. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I hadn’t read your post about pink against blue . It was perfect with the one I wrote about you and Haleigh ( bardot in Blue)
    hope you are well



    hi just enjoyed all your lovely posts , back from my 2 weeks in london and the coutry and now will enjoy the 500 postings waiting for me fay xx


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