parisian powder puff party at my place

bonsoir tout le monde! i hope you’re warm and cozy this winter night. i kind of took it easy today, feeling a little rundown and not terribly productive. but then, as they say at tara, tomorrow’s another day.

for now i just wanted to share a bit of fluff. nothing could be more insignificant in this day and age than powder puffs, but they’re something i happen to love and collect. the other day i was messing around at home,  shooting my antique flapper’s fluffy powder puff and compact from a paris flea market. it’s tiny, the size of a 50 cent piece if that. it’s got a well worn leather cover,  a mirror and little screen, an entire world on a key chain. the cherry on top is the goosedown puff that was still with it.  i often wonder who she was and where she went in her doubtlessly fabulous life en paris in the 20’s when it was new.

i’m sure my pics of the puff would have ended up in a folder if this shipment hadn’t come in today.  it started with house beautiful’s march issue which hails the power of all things pink. (you can imagine the color i was tickled when they called to include my powder puffs from paris).

look hard, squint if need be.

so i made an order to the tiny factory in france where they’ve been making these for many years. coincidentally, the shipment  came in today. it was the first time to see them all together and it made my kind of crabby day a little lighter. (powder puffs cancel out negativity, apparently).

funny how puffs were de rigueur on any self respecting vamp’s vanity for decades.  now they’re nostalgic but still so much fun, there’s something inherently playful about them.  they bring out the diva and child in everyone.

of course it’s a great issue cause it’s loaded with pretty pink things. i indulged and shot these totally blatantly and probably completely illegally hey who’s watching?

pink just lights up a room, even if it’s just flowers.

even one pink piece adds a freshness


the issue has lots of great little images tucked throughout.


ok well i’ve been messing with this for way too long. i’m going to cut out while there’s still some enchantment left to the  evening. have a great nuit and think pink!

February 4, 2011. flappers, Paris, Photography, Press.


  1. à la parisienne replied:

    I’m going to have to go buy that issue!
    I love pink and love powder puffs! I hope you are doing well!

    Sorry I haven’t visited in a while…Funny thing, the other day I walked in the room and my husband was looking through your archives for some French architecture inspiration! It was surreal to say the least! Ha!



  2. Ashley replied:

    I love powder puffs. Though they may be considered archaic… I can’t help but love their mystique. Same goes for sleep masks!


  3. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    I’ve got to get this issue!


  4. Cris replied:

    Why, oh why, is my House Beautiful subscription always late? Sometimes it never shows up at all and I’m stuck buying it at the grocery store.

    Lovely, lovely. And now, looking around, I need to add some pink.



    bonjour Claudia what a lovely post .there must have been something in the air cos i did my powder puffs yesterday too and some pinks love fay xx Ill be in Paris in a few weeks too mmmmmm


  6. Making Magique replied:

    Hi doll! I too share your powder puff obsession…I posted this pic recently of a new little antique doll powder puff I found at the the thrift!, it goes into that little pink tin! Paul and Joe makeup also make a new one too :-) and I think Stila has some cute one?

    I am hanging out on your blog today getting inspiration for my new Parisian apartment! Just signed yesterday and thinking of all the a la Paris Apartment things I can do it! Would LOVE to have your input and pleaseeeee let me know when you are stopping by Paris next. I know you don’t like it’s cold in the winter though!

    What is this about you and a new book in Paris?! I am dying for the deets! Maybe you might spill them to me in an email? I look for your email but I can’t seem to find it..GR! Email me at if you get some time I would love to chat more!

    XOXO Kisses from our city of lights!


  7. Making Magique replied:

    Wow I think I seriously need to reconsider my excessive use of exclamation marks…exclamation overload there!


  8. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Beautiful the powder puffs. I always think like that when I use vintage items, who may have used it before me ect. have a great weekend! xx


  9. wanda replied:

    …Sorry you feeling down, PINK! is just the colour to perk you up! I always have some pink! In a room or even my Lipstick!! Think of something pink, I think of my of the rosey pink cheeks of my grandchildren’s faces after coming in from playin in the snow! Gotta make you smile…Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. Evita replied:

    I love powder puffs and I love pink. I love this post!


  11. geri replied:

    the powder puffs are so beautiful. if you don’t mind me asking… could you give m e the name of the store you purchased them from? i live in the u.s. but maybe they ship internationally!
    thank you and have a wonderful day!



  12. Cynthia Maniglia replied:

    Awesome powder puffs from France! You are so smart. Every girl, lady and vamp wants one … perfect Valentine’s gift!


  13. the paris apartment replied:

    hi gang, glad to see you all here for the party!
    geri, i’m importing them and about to put them on my site so you’ll be able to purchase them there.
    i better do it and not procrastinate!


  14. themorselblog replied:

    My grandmother’s powder puff and holder were the only things I wanted of hers when she passed. They are so enchanting and playful, you’re right. Maybe if I ever get it glued back together, I’ll take a picture and send it to you. It dates to the 30’s…nice post!


  15. hamptontoes replied:

    What’s not to love about every ladylike image?! I have your book…may have to pop in my handbook for the March show so that I can have you personalize it…it’s fabulous!


  16. merillion replied:

    Great to look at!
    I love frivolous frou-frou. And soft, poufy powder puffs.
    Used to think that dusting powder was just for old ladies, but I’ve always loved it. I still have a PINK box of Memoire Cherie (the original) dusting powder with it’s puff – still smells delicious.
    Love your blog.


  17. Kathy Duvall replied:

    I recently bought your book, and I love it! These are beautiful pictures, especially the pink drapes on the black and white floor.


  18. Christine replied:

    I just got the House Beautiful today and saw your beautiful Powder Puff! Good for you!
    Christine Mc


  19. Internet Home Alliance replied:

    Amazing flowers and sofa. I like the color pink pleasing to the eye. Beautiful pictures nice!


  20. Boris Nations replied:

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    Remember to look into our very own web blog


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