corners of the world

erin fetherston’s paris apartment

you can really do a lot with a corner.

bonjour everybody. Ça va?

how’s your week going?

i’d like to talk to my subscribers for a sec. i hope it’s not too intrusive that i’m posting every day,  but i realize it may be a bit much. it’s part of a wordpress challenge to blog every day for a year. i thought it would be cool to try it and see where the year goes.  but if you don’t want to deal with it, i won’t be offended if you unsubscribe. (brokenhearted but i understand)!  i get way too much mail in a day and am sure you’re overloaded too.

so i guess, that said, i’m gonna get guilt free and just dance like no one is watching and enjoy my daily posts since i do love having a creative outlet.  tonite  i’m into posting the weekend’s decor clips instead of storing them in folders as usual. use ’em or lose ’em, mostly but i’d like to enjoy ’em. like the good china.

it was totally random that they’re all corners. ok this is not a full corner but still, it’s a vignette with a whole lot going on. love the feathers!


now this is a corner!

not to change the subject but this i’m sending a big shout out to these talented and generous girls  give away their wonderful work to use for free. i just added their icons to freshen up my sidebar:

they have tons of great buttons so if you’re looking for a lift, check them out.

i love this badge of theirs below. it would be fun to give out as a blog award.

finally, i also wanted to thank the selfless graphics fairy who had this on her site:.

which i used for this:

thank you so much for your generosity ladies, you make the world more fun!

ok well i’m actually going to sign off and head out for a late dinner. have a great night and thanks for all your love and support. it means everything to me!

February 2, 2011. Decorating, Designers.


  1. Beatriz replied:

    These are lovely corners! I love the mood they invoke.


  2. Bonnie replied:

    Your pictures are so pretty as always! I will check out the other blogs too. I love seeing your posts everyday. It is inspiring me to make more posts on my blog too. Can’t wait to see what you put up next!


  3. M-T replied:

    My dear Claudia, I am eternally in awe of your daily postings. Far from being bored by them, I am buoyed by them.

    Do keep up the inspirational work.


  4. the paris apartment replied:

    thanks you guys, i needed that!


  5. Smalltown Mom replied:

    I love love love your posts…they put me in a beautiful place!


  6. Linda replied:

    I’m enjoying the daily posts. You always find the most incredible photos-when you aren’t taking them yourself.


  7. michelle chafin replied:

    beautiful designs:)


  8. Sarah replied:

    I love that you’re posting everyday! I think its great and your images are always so inspiring… Keep it up!


  9. Acquired Objects replied:

    Beautiful images and corners are great for that little surprise. I’m impressed that you’ve kept up the blogging every single day! I couldn’t do it!


  10. Hamptontoes replied:

    Love that first image, it is sheer perfection! Will you be in NY for the Architectural Digest Show? I’ll be there! Just added you to my blog roll.


  11. Janet Rozema replied:

    I am thrilled that you are posting every day. I am always inspired by the beautiful images and insights you share on your blog. Visiting your blog is escapism at it’s finest.



  12. maureen replied:

    I so love the moss green curtain panels…
    I would add a small turquoise pillow to the window seat..


  13. christinaville replied:

    These corners make me want to have a corner of my own!! ;-) Keep up the daily posts, they are very enjoyable!!
    ~Christina ;-)


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