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hi all! hope you had a marvelous weekend. it’s winding down now, almost midnight and i’m about to cut out. before i go i just wanted to post some more of the shots from yesterday’s search since i really did love what it turned up.

so many talented people! so much to do and see! but for tonight, i bid adieu!

January 31, 2011. Paris, Paris Apartments, Photography.



    WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL thankyou for my trip to Paris Ill be there in March but good to have a taste now Fay xx


  2. Marie from Classic Style replied:

    Thanks my weekend have just been great :) thanks for the beautiful pictures..lovely


  3. Cris replied:

    Claudia – I have been loving the pics. You find the most lovely stuff.

    Well, my 40th finally came and went and my lovely husband gave me a trip to Paris for my birthday. He’s the best, while I’m a killjoy, because I’ve asked to put it off a year until we pay off last year’s extravagances (5 days at Disneyland for the kids, anyone? and vintage french sheets for mama?) and make sure we have a bigger nest egg in the event of more layoffs at his work. And besides, I want to use your iPhone app and shop shop shop at the fleas while there, which takes some saving for.

    In the meantime, I’d love to get rate info, etc. for Claudia II / Lorraine’s apartment in Paris. I’ve looked all over the site and you said you coordinate that for them, but don’t have a link. Do you still do that? Can I get any and all info on it? Like this post, it had lovely shots of and through the window (and the looking glass). Thank you!


  4. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Love the charming couple peeking out of the window of the pink facade…
    These are lovely!
    –Lee Ann


  5. Kirsten Muhle replied:

    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.


  6. Des replied:

    These photos are outstanding.


  7. the paris apartment replied:

    thanks you guys, i agree, these photogs are true artists.


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