sorting it out

hey guys, hope you’re kicking back, enjoying some down time. i’m going thru pics from the show before they get tossed into folders never to be seen again.

i love modern rooms but have a soft spot for gorgeous linens. this company really nailed the old world embroideries and techniques on their curtains and bedding.

not to mention accessories.


it’s really feminine but the fabrics are so great and the workmanship is timeless. anyway this is one of many wonderfific companies from the show and i’ll keep on truckin’ thru the cards and pics, this time for real!

well, it’s been a full day. time to drop out and tune in. bonne nuit!

January 26, 2011. Maison et Objet, Paris.


  1. Rosanna replied:

    Great Post!

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a stylish blogger award!

    Love and Glamour,



  2. Heather replied:

    It does rather make one want to start a romantic french/greyish/pinkish,whitish,mauvey room project!


  3. Margaret Bouwmeester replied:

    Never tire of looking at great linen….so romantic! Love the linen mixed with silk and the monograms!! Beautiful!
    Margaret B


  4. heidi replied:

    Oh so lovely ~ this post has brightened my grey morning! I love linens and sheers together, so very pretty! What company is this and do they offer it in the States?

    xo Heidi


  5. rita replied:

    Just beautiful. Reminds me of my Mamma’s curtains back home. Incredible work. Sheer and linen together, I am inspired! Ciao Rita Mammabellarte


  6. Deborah Milne replied:

    So wonderful as always Claudia to live vicariously through you. Continue to have a whirlwind of a time & continue snapping those inspirational photos!

    Cheers xx Deb


  7. Acquired Objects replied:

    I’m not a frilly sort of female but those linens could make me one.


  8. Cris replied:

    Is there a link or name for the company? That is some lovely lovely stuff!

    Thank you for sharing!


  9. maureen replied:

    I love tufting, also…
    I have several projects I’m working on currently that require it…love the linens too…just gorgeous..


  10. meg manion silliker replied:

    oh that wall sconce!!! YES PLEASE!!!!


  11. Christopher replied:

    Beautiful! I need that sconce in my life! who’s it is? Inquiring minds want to know. ; )


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