that about does it

well this was a whirlwind weekend and today lunch was about as much as i could muster. it’s hard to believe but i just couldn’t rally to go to the show or the markets or brocantes and just enjoyed spending the day at a cafe with a friend and her dog. i don’t feel guilty, but i feel like i should! but it’s cold and paris isn’t going anywhere. i leave tomorrow, glad to have made the last minute effort to get here. and 14 hours at the maison objet? Ça suffit!

i do have more shots from the show but they’ll stay fresh till i get to the airport and have some down time to sort through everything. i hope you had a great weekend and will see you on the continent. have a great sunday night!

January 23, 2011. Maison et Objet, Paris.


  1. Acquired Objects replied:

    Sundays are meant for relaxing, here or Paris! Have a safe flight back!


  2. the paris apartment replied:

    that’s the spirit, you’re so right! thank you for the good wishes!


  3. meg manion silliker replied:

    sounds like you made the perfect decision. lunch in a parisian cafe with a good friend. can’t wait to see your photos!!


  4. the paris apartment replied:

    thanks. being in paris you feel obligated to live, live, live! but sometimes a cafe au lait will do the trick.


  5. Paris replied:

    chere claudia
    i so relate … sometimes my ‘quick’ trips to paris just wear me out, but it is SO worth it … the warmth of south florida is waiting xoxo, paris


  6. the paris apartment replied:

    hi paris, i know you know! i’m back now and definitely got reinspired. every trip to paris is a bit of soul food even if it’s just a couple days.


  7. Amy replied:

    I love the matching hand placements of the women in the cafe. Great shot!


  8. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Glad ou are back safe…. We leave in the AM, it was a great week, we, too, lingered in some cafes this time…..Sometimes you need to do Paris without a bunch of people…N’est pas? xo Maryanne


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