setting the stage for new hollywood glamour

above images via munna

hi all, happy sunday! i hope you had a wonderful weekend. it’s a great time of year when there’s not a lot of pressure and there’s time to just chill. still,  i’ve had nagging thoughts about the upcoming maison objet show in paris next week. it’s the event to hit to get inspired and check out great design from all over europe. somehow i just can’t justify it since i haven’t even cracked open the bags of vendors, pricelists and business cards from the show in september. till tonite, that is!

images below from christopher guy

i’m starting with a couple of my favorite designs (ok more than a couple) that remind me of the 20s and 20s. sleek and moderne with a bit of whimsy, dorothy draper meets jean harlow to create the ultimate cocktail. i find that era of  furniture delicious… maybe i’m just obsessed!

most of these pieces seem to have walked right off a movie set, i love films like dinner at eight, swing time, top hat and so many others that had such gorgeous backdrops. there’s more to see every time you watch them!

anyway i guess these were my interpretations of it tonight. it was fun to go through the designs and start to update my site by adding to the collection.

obviously there’s an infinite world of design out there but i stick with my little niche in the boudoir. i love the smaller furniture and the intimacy of it.

well this is the tip of a giant glacier. maybe you love furniture and playing dress up with your boudoir as much as i do, so i’ll keep on digging through the piles of papers.

i can’t help but feel our grandma’s really knew how to live. they had such great muses and icons to look to for their inspiration though, how could they go wrong? i guess the least we can do is pamper ourselves and create a little niche of our own. a place to  feel pretty and special, set your own stage and be the glamour girls we truly are!

frames via tpa

well i better run, it’s almost midnight. have a great night and suite dreams!

January 17, 2011. Design Show, Designers, Furniture, Maison et Objet, Paris.


  1. Heather replied:

    wow some seriously gorgeous pieces!


    • kurt schneiter replied:

      how & or where can I purchase the circular (Banquette) couch?


  2. Vanessa Elizabeth replied:

    What lovely finds! I love the 30s and 40s glamor. Art Deco is a constant source of inspiration for me; a truly amazing period in design


  3. elaine Power replied:

    Oh have fun at the show lucky you! I loved it all the upolstered round seating was just so scrummy I want it! I was in heaven looking at all those gorgeous pieces of furniture thanks for showing :)


  4. Acquired Objects replied:

    I love those beautiful black and white pictures everyone looks so stunning. The furniture is amazing, love the fourth picture down that small table and that gray velvet chair…wow!


  5. sundaygirl24 replied:

    I’m crying and dying for nearly ALL of the items you have shown!
    Especially the star burst gold bed!
    Are you not going to Maison next week? I so love your trips xx


  6. Angela/ParisienneFarmgirl replied:

    My ALL TIME favorite Hollywood glamour set is apartment in the Ingrid and Cary movie Indiscrete – it is perfection… The entryway into the living room, the white upholstered pieces mixed with the purple/periwinkle (silk?) sofa, the artwork on the walls and the different colored matting, the piano, the burled wood pieces… on my gosh, when the camera pulls back as she is standing in front of the fireplace in that amazing, huge brownish satin dress – D-R-A-M-A… had I the proper architecture to work with I would recreate that room so fast it would make your head spin.. alas, I don’t think it would look so hot in this old farmhouse but it’s still a source of dreamy inspiration for me.



    • the paris apartment replied:

      oooh that sounds right up my alley. i’m going to google it right now! ps i’ve seen shots of your bedroom and you’ve managed to bring the glamour in despite the farm!


  7. à la parisienne replied:

    Excellent collection of images here. I love these curvy, feminine tables. Your blog is the perfect place for these Hollywood glamour pics.
    Thank you for the inspiration!



    • the paris apartment replied:

      i could live with any of these babies very happily. having them on the blog is the next best thing :)


  8. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Absolutely perfect! You are the best editor in the blogland! Love your posts!


  9. Kathleen Ellis replied:

    Elegant! Sexy! Beautiful! Love that era of design…and fashion! Thanks for sharing such lovely inspiration, Claudia!
    Have a beautiful week~
    ;-D Kathleen


    • the paris apartment replied:

      right, we can’t forget the fashion. these ladies knew how to dress for the drama and be the stars of their own stages.


  10. Splendid Sass replied:

    Hello! Too much beauty for one day, talented lady.
    Your book is on the way to me. Can’t wait to get it!
    Have a great week, Claudia.


  11. the paris apartment replied:

    oh good! i’m looking forward to your thoughts on it!


  12. Irene replied:

    oh my gosh! these christopher guy meubles are so not me, yet so adorable! i would definitively like a weekend spent as a hollywood star of the 1940s!great post!


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