that elusive snapshot

hi all! i hope your week is going well and good things are happening. i’ve been trying to keep a balance of creativity and the mundane day to day work. i still come here for my fix of in between time that nothing else seems to beat.

i stumbled onto my amazon wishlist today and starting looking through the many books i have on it. since i’m probably going to be doing a lot of the photos in my books, it’s going to be really important to study and see what makes or breaks a shot.

it’s amazing that with film cameras these photogs were able to capture such memorable moments in time. sometimes it seems even with a digital and hundreds of images only one or two are real money shots.

i never thought of myself as a good photographer and have heard everything from the fact that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer, whether you have a disposable or a helga.

still, i find it to be an unattainable art and science combination that may even have a touch of magic thrown in. all  i can ask for is that i am blessed with a bit of that elixir when the time comes!

have a great night!

January 14, 2011. Books, Photography.


  1. KimHindsPhotography replied:

    Thought you might enjoy this short clip about a new found street photographer.,8,80&pid=A1hO97qcWo7ViDL_rWniVH2LakYxNa7J



    • the paris apartment replied:

      ooh looks like a great exhibit. street photos are even more subtle cause there’s no set up. i’m having a hard time with still life shots!


  2. amberbyday replied:

    I often think of the equipment and the size of the cameras that these guys had and still take the most amazing photos. My Great Grandfather was a war photographer and it blows me away when I think if what he went through and what he had to carry with him to get the shots he did.


  3. Splendid Sass replied:

    I love the old photographs. The images seemed to capture so much more.
    Hope your week is going well, Claudia.


  4. michelle chafin replied:

    I love the last two – sophistication and love!!


  5. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Claudia I am as every, waiting with breath that is baited for the book!!!
    Sadie xx


  6. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    A night in front of the fire, two kitties snuggled close by, a hot libation atop my silver tea warmer, cashmere robe, fuzzy slippers and any one of these amazing books…sheer heaven!
    Can’t wait for your new one!
    –Lee Ann


  7. the paris apartment replied:

    that sounds like the perfect winter night!


  8. Acquired Objects replied:

    I can honestly admit I’m lousy at photography. No matter how hard I try my pictures just never look right and trust me an expensive camera doesn’t help. Beautiful photos of which I’m jealous.


  9. the paris apartment replied:

    that’s why it’s such an art, it takes so much more than a camera. oh to master it would be a dream!


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