the solemn hush of winter


“In the depths of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
–  Albert Camus

photo by i.anton

it was a cold and dreary day here. guess they’re designed to make us appreciate the sunshine that’s sure to follow. i haven’t accomplished much to speak of today and have about an hour left to make something of it. (our shoot was postponed til sunday). have a great night and keep cozy where ever you are!

January 13, 2011. Life.


  1. Virginia Smith replied:

    We don’t have winter so sometimes we make one up…
    I always enjoy your pictures, I love the city and I no longer live near one so thanks for sharing the little bits of city like the believe image… I love it!


    • the paris apartment replied:

      wow, wild shots. i’m in florida but it’s felt like winter the past couple days! i’m supposed to go back north at the end of january and dread the cold!


  2. Miss Amy replied:

    beautiful images. dandelions have always been one of my favorite “flowers” with their airy, fluffy white puffs. I still feel sad when people spray them with weed killer. They are so beautiful. Your picture proves it :)


    • the paris apartment replied:

      so true! it’s mazing how much time we have to kill weeds in the name of a perfect lawn. let them grow, they’re green so who cares?


  3. Highlights Haleigh replied:

    Hi doll! Love this quote and images to accompany it. One of my favorite times is stopping by the blog here to see what you have been posting! I thought about you in particular today that you would love to see the adorable little lingerie store I photographed and their decor!
    Hope to see you in Paris soon and looking to you for my new apartment design inspiration…so much to do! Wish I had your talent to help me out!

    xoxo Haleigh @ Making Magique (the blog formerly known as Bardot in Blue)


    • the paris apartment replied:

      hey haleigh! oh that shop is divine and your photos of it are magnifique! you KNOW i’ll come in one second flat to see your new apartment! i’ll be there in the spring and summer, when are you moving?


  4. Acquired Objects replied:

    Those images are beautiful and after receiving two feet of snow I’m ready for sunshine!


  5. M-T replied:

    I suppose I’m the odd man out here, but I do so love the winter — woolen sweaters, warm armagnac and cozy coverlets draped across my lap, the perfect invitation to a kitty cat to climb right in.

    All my best wishes to you, Claudia, for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011. May you see only beautiful sights, hear only beautiful music and drink only the finest champagne with those you love.

    Hope our paths cross in the new year.


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