a remarkable gentleman

hey guys, how’s life? mine’s good but trying to fit it all in is hard.  how does everyone get so much accomplished? how do you? do you set a schedule?

well tomorrow morning i’m heading over to my friend, joseph’s place. he lives in miami beach too and we’re both ny transplants. we’re working on a project together, (shhh, the bachelors’  version of the paris apartment)! he let me shoot him even tho he was sooooo tired!

i just wanted to share a  few shots i got from the hipstamatic app on my phone. if you don’t have it, check it out, you can change film and lenses and get an infinite variety of effects really easily.

he and his apartment are superchic. this was a couple days after a party so it’s not up to his standards but as you can probably still see he has great taste. it’s one of his many gifts besides decorating, refinishing, nickel plating, dipping, lacquering, painting, and constantly creating.  he’s going to spill his tips for decorating and entertaining  impeccably and affordably. his muse is cary grant. need i say more?

anyway that’s it for maintenant! i blew off the app last night so i  have to do double time c’est soir.  have a bonne nuit!

January 12, 2011. Books, Decorating, Design, Designers.


  1. David replied:

    Beautiful apratment! Very chic guy indeeed!


  2. Angela/ParisienneFarmgirl replied:

    Oh fantastic – this looks like a super fun project!!! You had me at guys version of P.A. and my imagination is going wild! And Cary Grant… I’m swooning.


  3. Deborah Milne replied:

    Any man whose muse is Cary Grant is a man to pay attention to. Thanks for the heads up on this great camera app.; I love the images. Your friends home is so charming and I suspect he is too!

    Have a Kodachrome rest of the week Claudia!


  4. the paris apartment replied:

    i LOVE you guys!!!


  5. Splendid Sass replied:

    So beautiful. Love the china and flatware!
    You really are keeping up with the resolutions!
    Have a great evening, Claudia.


  6. Write Girl replied:

    Your friend does have great taste. It sounds like a great project. Cary Grant was amazing. Love his movies. Coming here is always a treat. Have a great week!!


  7. the paris apartment replied:

    you too dear friend!


  8. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    HIs apartment looks very very hipster chic. I can’t wait to see what you two are up to.


  9. mydesignchic replied:

    What a wonderful apartment. Adore the antique monogrammed flatware!


  10. Acquired Objects replied:

    Your friend has amazing taste first with Cary Grant and then his decorating/styling….fABULOUS!


  11. Isa replied:

    Happy New Year, Claudia!

    I can’t wait to see the project come to fruition! What a handsome friend and what better muse for a man than Cary Grant? Yum.

    I feel the crunch, too – and wonder how so many get so much done. I sit in my pile of ‘things to do’ and feel overwhelmed!

    Gorgeous photos – thanks for the app!

    xo Isa


  12. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    You are the second person to rave about this photo app, off to see if I can actually add it myself. Great pics Claudia and looks like a fun job and friendship. XO


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